Salt Chemistry Vocab Know the definitions of each word

Term Definition
Reactant A substance that changes during a reaction
Product A substance that is created from a reaction
Carbonates A salt formed by the reaction of carbon dioxide with bases
Sulfates A salt made from a reaction with sulfuric acid
Nitrates A salt made from a reaction with nitric acid
Chlorides A salt made from a reaction with hydrochloric acid
Neutralization A chemical reaction with an acid and a base that neutralizes the solution
Filtration Filtering something with a liquid
Crystallization Separating a liquid and a solid, and when it evaporates it leaves a product of crystals
Evaporation A liquid forming to a vapor (gas)
Salt A compound created from a metal and acid reaction
Ion An atom or atoms that are made by the loss or gain of electrons
Compound A substance that has two elements chemically bound together
Acid A substance with a pH less than 7
Base Something that reacts with an acid to create a salt
Alkali A base that can dissolve in water
Alkaline A substance that has a pH more than 7

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