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Universal Containers wants to implement a new web presence to support its customers. It has provided the following requirements: 1. Ability for visitors to search knowledge articles without registering or logging in. 2. Ability for over one million registered customers to securely submit cases and view the status of those cases. 3. Ability for registered customers to save favorite knowledge articles for easy access later. What should the consultant recommend as part of the solution?

A. Implement enterprise admin portal with Content.
B. Implement Service Cloud portal with Content.
C. Implement Service Cloud portal with Knowledge.
D. Implement partner portal with Knowledge

Universal Containers wants to deploy the Service Cloud to its contact centers located across North America, Europe, and Asia. The company would like standardized contact center processes and reporting implemented in its centers worldwide. Which approach should a consultant recommend in this scenario?

A. Assign teams in each major contact center to design a solution unique to its needs and have an analyst build a combined report.

B. Recommend that the VP of Worldwide Support design a global template to provide a clear vision and standardization.

C. Assign a global team of experienced agents and leaders to create a common design template and report structure.

D. Recommend utilizing out-of-the-box functionality to reduce cost and ensure on worldwide process and reporting.

Universal Containers is experiencing system timeouts when running case reports.
What should a consultant recommend to improve the performance of the reports?
Choose 2 answers

A. Remove date boundaries from filter criteria.
B. Remove unnecessary columns form the reports.
C. Remove formula fields from filter criteria.
D. Remove dashboards based on long-running reports.

At Universal Containers, a support agent dedicated to one customer regularly handles complex integration-related cases. To resolve these cases, the agent collaborates with Universal Containers’ product development team and the client’s systems integration team.
What should the consultant recommend to expedite the handling of these cases?

A. Create a related child case and assign the child case to the product development team.

B. Enable Chatter case feed and add product development team members to the case team.

C. Build a repository of Knowledge articles related to integration and share it with the customer.

D. Create a private Chatter group with customers and invite key individuals to join the group.

Universal Containers wants to measure the efficiency of its contact Center.
Which metric should the contact center manager analyze?
Choose 3 answers

A. Number of cases escalated
B. Number of open cases per day
C. Average number of days to close cases
D. Number of new customers added
E. Number of closed cases with articles attached

What support strategy will enable an organization to improve its overall capacity for handling customer support inquiries without increasing the number of call center agents?

A. Entitlement management
B. Knowledge-centered support
C. Facebook integration
D. Computer telephony integration

What are the basic concepts of Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS)?
Choose 2 answers

A. Evolving content-based product life cycles
B. Developing a knowledge base on the experience of an individual
C. Rewarding learning, collaboration, sharing, and improving
D. Creating content as a result of solving issues

Universal Containers is using the Service Cloud in its contact center. The contact center manager wants to deploy Chatter Answers.
What should a consultant recommend to integrate Chatter Answers into its Service Cloud implementation?
Choose 2 answers

A. Display up to three category groups to help organize questions for easy browsing.
B. Allow administrators and trusted community members to escalate questions to cases.
C. Use the close and resolve button to close a case and mark the question resolved.
D. Create draft Knowledge articles from replies using the promote to article button.

Universal Containers needs to set up a Service Cloud portal to provide customers with a self-service option for support.
Which capability can Universal Containers provide its customers via the Service Cloud portal?
Choose 3 answers

A. Allows customers to customize their user interface
B. Allows customers to follow Chatter feeds
C. Allows customers to search documents in Content
D. Allows customers to submit ideas and answers
E. Allows customers to search a knowledge base

What can Universal Containers do to reduce costs and immediately improve contact center agent productivity?
Choose 2 answers

A. Streamline the agent interface
B. Implement team productivity dashboards
C. Offer support through Facebook and Twitter
D. Enable templates for written responses

Universal Containers has implemented Salesforce Knowledge and the service manager wants to encourage agents to use the knowledge base.
Which metric should the service manager monitor?

A. Number of customer ratings
B. Number of article votes
C. Number of approved articles
D. Number of archived articles

Universal Containers wants to identify potential delays in the customer support process.
Which metric should the contact center management analyze?

A. Average case stage duration
B. Case volume by channel
C. Cases created by type
D. Open cases by reason

Universal Containers wants support agents to have the ability to work on multiple cases at the same time.
What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

A. Create a Visualforce page to display multiple cases.
B. Open multiple Salesforce windows at the same time.
C. Configure and utilize the agent console.
D. Configure and utilize the Service Cloud console.

Universal Containers wants to streamline the troubleshooting process for inbound phone calls using Visual Workflow. A call greeting script needs to be created to perform the following:
1. Prompt agent to ask for the caller’s geographic region
2. Allow the agent to select a region from the picklist in the accounts object
3. Present a list of services available in that region to the agent
What Visual Workfolw element should a consultant use to accomplish this?
Choose 3 answers

C.Record create
E. Record updates

A contact center manager wants to measure the impact of a new customer care program.
What can be used to measure an increase in customer satisfaction?
Choose 2 answers

A. First call resolution
B. Average handle time
C. Service-level agreement
D. Customer satisfaction survey

Universal Containers’ contact center is experiencing increased call volumes due to a growing product portfolio.What is the recommended strategy to allow the contact center to handle the increased customer inquiries more efficiently?

A.Make knowledge base articles and community answers accessible on its web site.
B.Redirect users from the company site to social media forums about the products.
C.Hire contact center representatives that specialize in each of the product categories.
D.Make contact center representatives accessible 14/7 to distribute the call volume.

Universal Electric initiates cases based on electronic transmissions from power units. The case management process is as follows:
l A work order is submitted to a field service team to perform a technical review.
l After the technical review is closed, an agent needs to contact the customer to review the activities.
l Cases can only be closed after the customer review has been completed.
Universal Electric needs to determine whether the work orders and customer contacts should be stored as child cases or on a related custom object.
What should the consultant consider to meet these requirements?
Choose 3 answers

A. Account team relationship to the primary contact
B. Work order and customer contact escalation requirements
C. Case closure rules on the original case
D. Total number of account and contact records in the database
E. Visibility and access to the work order records

Universal Containers is having trouble with adoption of its knowledge base. Customers have reported difficulty locating the information they need. The following facts are known:
l Data categories are used to indicate which contact center and business unit authored the article.
l Articles have drastically different types of content mixed together(e.g., FAQs, product manuals, and install guides).
l Agents are not consistently completing all article fields.
What should the consultant recommend as a first step in improving the usability of the knowledge base?

A. Add a data category to indicate content type and enable workflow rules.
B. Create article types for each content type and implement an approval process.
C. Create article types for each business unit and have supervisors review articles.
D. Use a Visualforce page to enable more granular search filtering.

Universal Containers’ contact center management wants to enhance its Service Cloud implementation and deploy a solution that will better assist its service agents and customers in troubleshooting and resolving issues. The contact center management has outlined the following requirements:
l Provide content categorization for easier navigation, searching, and visibility.
l Shorten agents’ issue resolution time by suggesting relevant content.
l Establish a publication lifecycle process based on industry leading practices.
l Ensure the solution is tightly integrated with Service Cloud console and Live Agent.
What Salesforce solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Solutions
B. Chatter
C. Knowledge
D. Content

Universal Containers wants to use the Service Cloud console and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with its contact center infrastructure. The telephony vendor has verified that its current infrastructure supports integration with Salesforce.
What must be taken into consideration to meet this requirement?

A.The number of intended Service Cloud console apps will not exceed the CTI adapter limits.
B.The CTI adapter must be developed using the CTI Toolkit version 3.0 or higher or Open CTI.
C.The CTI adapter requires the Service Cloud console highlights panel for SoftPhone control.
D.The CTI adapter supports the Service Cloud console push notifications for field or record changes.

Universal Container is developing its strategy for social customer service. It would like to build a business case to fund a large investment in social media and have a dedicated social media support team. The company’s requirements include the ability to:
l Monitor the Facebook fan page for new posts from customers
l Link new posts to an existing customer record
l Respond to posts from the existing Service Cloud console
What should Universal Container do immediately to begin providing social customer service?

A.Install Salesforce for Facebook and Twitter.
B.Enable Salesforce social profile on contacts.
C.Integrate Facebook to its existing customer portal.
D.Create a app for Facebook monitoring.

A contact center manager needs to migrate existing help guides and procedure manuals into Salesforce Knowledge.
What steps should the consultant do prior to importing the documents into Salesforce Knowledge?
Chooses 2 answers

A.Create the profile-based category visibility settings.
B.Create the article types and fields.
C.Create the data category groups and hierarchy.
D.Compress the CSV, HTML, and image files for the article types.

Universal Containers purchased Knowledge and would like to implement as soon as possible.
What approach should a consultant recommend?

A.Active the knowledge with Service Cloud console.
B.Active the knowledge sidebar on the case detail page.
C.Create a Visualforce component within the Service Cloud console.
D.Create a Visualforce component on the case detail page.

Universal Containers is implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud. The company needs to reduce the total case volume and the average amount of time spent by agents on cases.
Which solution would meet these requirements?

A.Use escalation rules to move cases into the correct status; create reports to monitor SLA adherence
B.Create reports on case age and queue backlog; use escalation rules to notify management of missed SLA targets.
C.Enable agent chat functionality for customers; disable the ability to log a case from the Service Cloud portal.
D.Publish knowledge articles to the Service Cloud portal; enable the attachment of articles upon case closure.

Suppose agents need to verify that customers are eligible to receive customer support before they can update the case.
What object is used to verify that a customer is entitled to receive support?
Choose 2 answers

B.Case history
D.Service contracts

Universal Containers wants to provide its 20 million customers with a portal where they can:
l Submit inquiries
l Monitor the stats of those inquiries
l View their contact information
To meet these requirements, which type of portal license would be most appropriate for the customers?

A.Partner portal
B.Service Cloud portal
C.Enterprise admin

Universal Containers’ support team requires its customers to submit their support inquiries via free form email (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Additional requirements are listed below:
l Support attachments up to 20 MB per inquiry
l Over 10,000 inquiries per day
Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

A.Customer Chatter groups
C.On-Demand Email-to-Case

A customer analyzed its historical cases and found that over 50% of cases were created by users who forgot their passwords.
Which action will reduce the amount of time that agents spend resolving these cases?

A. Create a workflow rule to increase case priority for cases involving a forgotten password.
B. Create a case assignment rule to assign all cases to a dedicated agent who resets passwords.
C. Create an Apex trigger to reset the user’s password if the case description contains the word “forgetten”.
D. Create an auto-response rule and email template with details on how users can reset their passwords.

A team of publishers has created and published articles in Salesforce Knowledge. The manager of the help desk wants to verify that the articles are useful to agents.
Which reports can the help desk manager use to determine the quality of the articles?
Choose 2 answers

A.Report on the articles attached to cases
B.Reports on agent feedback on articles
C.Reports on agent ratings on articles
D.Reports on the articles followed in Chatter

A contact center agent needs to respond privately to a Facebook post on the fan page. The post has been converted to a case using Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook.

A.The agent must change the case status before replying.
B.The agent must invite the customer to another channel.
C.The agent can post privately on Facebook for Salesforce.
D.The agent must use the “Send Private Message” button on the case.

Universal Containers is migrating the legacy system to the Serivce Cloud. The company currently tracks the entitlements and service-level agreements in its legacy system. The legacy system will be archived and unavailable after go-live. Agents will need easy access to all case information for the last one year.
What deployment approach should a consultant recommend in this session?

A.Migrate open and closed cases without milestones and entitlements.
B.Migrate closed cases to a custom read-only object.
C.Migrate open and closed cases with milestones and entitlements.
D.Migrate closed cases with milestones and entitlements.

Using standard case management capabilities, what can be emailed to a customer as a PDF attachment?

A. Contract details related to the entitlement
B. Articles appearing in the knowledge sidebar
C. Products and Assets associated to the case
D. Knowledge articles attached to the case

Universal Containers is transitioning from a legacy service and support system to Salesforce.
What is a recommended way to migrate and cleanse the data?

A.Use the Salesforce import wizard to load and cleanse the data.
B.Cleanse the data outside of Salesforce and then migrate the data.
C.Use the Salesforce data loader to migrate and cleanse the data
D.Upload the data into Salesforce and then run the native De-dupe tool.

Universal Containers has implemented Salesforce Service Cloud with the goal of reducing the number of escalated cases across the contact center.
What metric should a contact center manager use to analyze this?

A.Percent of cases closed on first contact.
B.Percent of cases closed with Chatter posts
C.Percent of cases closed meeting the defined SLA
D.Percent of cases closed with an attached article.

Universal Containers assigns its contact center agents to certain interaction channels and would like to optimize the agents’ desktops based on their assigned interaction channels.
What should a consult recommend to meet this requirement?

A.Create a Service Cloud console layout and allow the agents to drag and drop the components they need.
B.Create multiple agent console application and configure the layout based on the user’s requirements
D.Create case page layout for each interaction channel and assign them to different agent profiles.

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