Sales Management Chapter 8

Finding potential job applicants, telling them about the company, and getting them to apply
Recruitment Process
The step by step process through which recruitment is carried out
Job Analysis
A process identifying the duties, requirements, responsibilities, and conditions of a job
Job Description
Explains to job applicants and current sales personnel what the duties and responsibilities of the sales person are
Job Qualification
Characteristics recruits should have to perform a sales job satisfactory
Selection Process
Activities involved in choosing candidates that best meet the qualifications and have the greatest aptitude for the job
Initial Screening
Process by which undesirable job candidates are eliminated as soon as possible
Weighted Application Form
Forms that score candidates on each job attribute by assigning different values to each attribute
Reference Checking
The process of following up with references provided on an application to check the credibility of job candidate
In-Depth Interview
Is the most used and least scientific of the various tools for selecting employees and is very effective for finding if an employee is right for the job through a two way discussion involving probing questions
Structured Interview
Recruiter asks each candidate the same set of standardized questions designed to determine the applicant’s fitness for a sales position
Unstructured Interview
Informal and non directed interview used to get a candidate to talk feeling on a variety of topics
Semi Structured Interview
Combined approach in which a fixed set of questions is applied but time for discussion and interaction is left after each
Employment Test
An objective way to measure traits or characteristics of applicants for sales positions and to increase the chances of selecting good salespeople using intelligence tests or some other norming test
The proper introduction of the recruit to company practices, procedures, and philosophy and the social aspects of the job through which the salesperson is integrated into the organization
Person Organization Fit
Describe how consistent a salesperson’s belief and value system are with those of the organization for which he or she works
Initial Socialization
Begins in the recruiting process with things like brochures and is intended as a preliminary form of integrating a person into the company
Extended Socialization
Exposing new recruits to corporate culture and helping them adapt to the new culture in as short a period of time as possible

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