Sales Management Chapter 11

sales goal (quota)
a performance standard by which salespeople–sales representatives and sales managers alike–are measured.
should reflect what is most important in an organization’s marketing strategy.
Input-based goals or activity-based quotas
relate to the observable selling efforts a salesperson must make–for example, the number of sales calls (by phone or in-person), presentations he or she must make, and the number of sales proposals the person writes.
output (outcome)-based goals
the selling results a representative is expected to achieve.
pipeline analysis
shows how well a salesperson is maintaining a stream of customers at different stages in the sales process.
input goals
the behaviors sales reps need to engage in to not only make the company’s financial targets (like the number of calls and presentations they need to make) but also behaviors they need to engage in to achieve the firm’s other objectives, such as, “providing the best after-sale service in the industry.”
expense quotas
used to keep the costs associated with a representative’s sales in line with what the firm thinks the representative should spend in order to be successful.
threshold goal
when salespeople reach the 90% mark
actual goal
when salespeople reach the 100% mark
stretch goal
when salespeople reach the 110% mark
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