Sales – Chaps 1 & 2 – Relationship Selling

Personal Selling
refers to the personal communication of information to unselfishly persuade a prospective customer to buy something – a good, service, etc. – that will satisfy the individuals needs
Golden Rule of Personal Selling
refers to the sales philosophy of unselfishly treating others as you would like to be treated – placing the interests of others before self-interest. The more the salesperson considers the customer’s interest, the better the customer service.
Empathy Selling
identify and understand another’s feeling, take on the feeling of customers and display interest in buyer’s situation
Types of Sales Jobs
Retail Selling, Direct Selling, Selling for a Wholesaler, Selling for a Manufacturer
Retail Selling
A retail salesperson sells goods or services to
consumers for their personal, non-business
Direct Selling
Face to face sales to consumers, typically in
their homes, who use the products for their
non-business personal use
Selling for a Wholesaler
For resale, for use in producing other goods, for use within an organization
Selling for a Manufacturer
Working for the firm who manufacturers the
product, usually one of the most prestigious jobs to hold
What does a salesperson do?
Creates new customers
Sells more to present customers
Builds long-term relationships
Provides solutions to customer’s problems
Provides service to customers
Helps customers resell products to their
Helps customers use products after purchase
Builds goodwill with customers
Provides company with market information
Marketing Concept
Focus on customer wants and needs, delivering satisfaction (more effectively and efficently, Right 4 P’s) and build profitable relationships with customer
3 Levels of Relationship Marketing
Transaction selling, relationship selling, partnering
Transaction Selling
customers are sold to and not contacted again
Relationship Selling
the seller contacts customers after the purchase to determine if they are satisfied and have future needs
the seller works continually to improve its customers’ operations, sales, and profits

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