safety and measurment Flashcard

used to protect your eyes from broken glass, chemicals and flames.
hold solids or liquids that will not release gases when reacted or are unlikely to splatter if stirred or heated
erlenmyer flask
hold solids or liquids that may release gses during a reaction or that are likely to splatter if stirred or heated
filtering flask
side arm which is connected to a low preasure source this can speed up filtrartion.
round bottom flask
used to heat liquids.
volumetric flask
sed to measure one specific volume of liquids like a volumemetric pipet.
graduated cylinder
used to measure volumes of liquids.
test tube
heating small amount of liquids
test tube racks
holding and organizing test tubes on the labortory counter plastic racks may melt in contact with very hot test tubes.
test tube brushes
clean test tubes and graduated cylinders.
rubber stoppers
used to close off containers to avoid spillage or contamnination.
spot plates
used when we want to perform many small scale reactions at one time.
glass stir rod
manually stir sollutions it can also be used to transfer a single drop of a solution.
medicine dropper
used to transfer a small volume of liquid less than one ml
aid in the transfer of liquid from one vessel to another.
filter paper
seperate a mixture it feels thick coffee filter paper and has small holes in it
measure tempeture we use celsius in the chemistry lab.
wash bottle
a wash bottle has a spout thats delivers a wash solution to a specific area.
weighing boat
use to weigh solids that will be transfered to another vessel
dispenses solid chemicals from their containers.
beaker tongs
move beakers containing hot liqiuds
lab tongs
to pick up hot glass and beakers.
crucible tongs
also uswd to pick up othr hot objects NOT to be used for picking uo beakers!
test tube tongs
tongs is used for holding a test tube which is too hot to handle.
buret clamps
ares used to clamp brute used to measure slume
used to measure vloume
iron rings
connect to a stand and provide stable ringstand elevated platform for the reaction.
wire gauze
sits on the iron ring to provide a place to to stand a beaker, on older wire gauze the white material is abestos
clay triangle
clamp iron ring to heat crucibles.
ring stands
are safe and cponveniant way to perform reactions that require hearing using a bunsen burner.
light the bunsen burner and the bunsen burner makes the flame
bunsen burner
are used for the heating of nonvoltile liquids and solids
evaporatig dish
dish is used for heating of stable solid compounds and elements
mortar and pestel
mortal is the dish and the petsal is the grinder used to grind and crush chemicals
magnetic stir bar
is a magnet covered with teflron
magnetic stir
the magnetic stir acually stirs the chemical with out you diung it .

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