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I am committed to the highest criterions in protecting and safeguarding the kids entrusted in my attention. My first duty is towards the kids in my attention. If I have any concerns. I will describe them following the Birmingham kid protection process. The Children Act 1989 and the EYFS province that the registered individual must follow with local kid protection processs.

I will back up all kids by:

Supplying a lovingness. safe and positive environment.
Promote self-esteem and self-assertiveness.
Reporting any concerns.
I recognise that some kids may be the victims of disregard. physical. sexual or emotional maltreatment. I am good trained to place such maltreatment and will enter and describe any concerns.

As a childminder I will:
Attend regular preparation and maintain up-to-date with current statute law. Be insured with PACEY.

Access Birmingham Safeguarding web site to maintain up-to-date with marks of maltreatment. Have a transcript of the Birmingham Safeguarding processs to follow. If concerned about the safety and public assistance of a kid. will reach Birmingham Safeguarding figure to seek advice etc. Any records that detail any child protection issues are kept confidential. unless asked to be seen. Communicate with the parents and be clear they will advise me with any concerns or concerns they may hold about their kid. Make it clear that it is of import they tell me about any accidents. hurts or alteration in fortunes that may impact the kid.

I will guarantee nomadic phones and cameras are non used in my place when kids are present. and inquire all parents in my place to esteem the policy. My personal phone will be used to document children’s acquisition. My phone is password protected and merely accessible by me. Through on-going treatments with parents I will work with them. so that if I see important alterations in behavior. any Markss or contusions. or any remarks made that cause concern. I will reach the Local Safeguarding board and Social Services to understate any hazard of injury to the kid. I will maintain a factual record of concern and portion it with the parents ( Unless it puts the kid at farther hazard ) and notify OFSTED within 14 yearss of the incident. Children will merely be released from my attention to the parent/carer. or to person named and authorised by them.

A watchword or exposure might be used to corroborate the individuality of the individual roll uping the kid. If a kid discloses to me that they are being abused. I will listen to them and demo that I take what they have said earnestly. I will promote them to speak. but will non motivate them or inquire prima inquiries. I will so explicate what I must make so that the kid understands and do a record of what was said utilizing exact words of the kid. day of the month. clip. topographic point and people present. I will name the local societal services responsibility desk for advice. I will so follow this up with a referral signifier and record all action taken.

If an allegation is made against me or a member of my household I will describe it to OFSTED and societal services. following the Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures. I will enter: – the child’s full name and reference. – the day of the month and clip of the record. – Factual inside informations of the concern. for illustration bruising. what the kid said. who was present. – Details of any old concerns. -Details of any accounts from the parents. – Any action taken. such as speech production to the parents. It is non my duty to try to look into the state of affairs myself. 1.

Behavior policy

All kids are treated every bit and provided a safe and positive environment. In order to accomplish this. I have the undermentioned outlooks sing the behavior of both kids and grownups. : All good behavior will be recognised and praised.

I will non utilize bodily penalty. or mortify any kid in my attention. I aim to be consistent.
I will cover with unacceptable behavior in a positive manner.
I will react to unwanted behavior suitably. harmonizing to the child’s age and degree of understanding. I will ever explicate to kids why his or her behavior is unacceptable. Distracting and re-directing children’s attending towards other activities will be used as a manner of detering unwanted behavior. I will ever put a good illustration and be a good function theoretical account.

Behaviour methods will ever be discussed with parents. so that we can hold on methods. I will ever seek. wherever possible. to run into the parents request. I will work with the kids to develop the house regulations. Parents need to inform me of anything that may be go oning at place which may impact behavior e. g. Separation. new babe. mourning etc. Through preparation I am cognizant that kids can fight with their feelings in-line with their age/stage of development. and will work with households to back up them. The lone clip I will physically step in. is to forestall an accident. This will so be recorded in my incident book.


I will maintain up-to-date with relevant statute law and behavior direction by reading publications such as Practical Pre-school and relevant web sites. I will portion this policy with parents. and work with parents to portion information. I will be after times to speak to parents in private to reexamine child’s behavior and discourse any alterations that may impact child’s behaviour e. g. new babe. separation. decease etc. and any issues and acquire a consistent attack.

Equal chances policy

The Equality Act 2010 lawfully protects people from favoritism. There are 9 protected features: Age. Disability. Gender reassignment. matrimony and civil partnership. gestation and pregnancy. race. faith and belief. sex and sexual orientation. I promote anti-discriminatory child care and I am opposed to all signifiers of favoritism. Equal chances is about accepting each kid and their household members as persons. Making certain that I give them every possible opportunity to develop their full potency in an ambiance of common regard. Each kid in my attention will be given the same attention and consideration. regardless of cultural beginning. coloring material. linguistic communication. spiritual belief. gender or ability.


I will promote kids to develop a sense of their ain individuality and civilization. All kids will be allowed to play with playthings suited for both sexes. e. g. dolls. baby buggies. autos. building etc. I will besides entree playthings. books and mystifiers that depict people from different civilizations and abilities. and demo an array of positive images. I try to learn kids to be sort and considerate to everyone and deter behaviors that may be considered as bias or discriminatory. I will besides assist kids to larn about civilizations different from their ain and to develop positive attitudes towards people who may look different from themselves.

Accident unwellness and exigency policy

I will ever maintain kids safe in my attention. advance good wellness and prevent the spread of infection and unwellness in the scene and whilst out and approximately. My premises have been checked by OFSTED and run into the demands of the Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS ) . It is besides of import that I regularly pattern fire emptying processs with the kids in my attention so that they are cognizant of what to make in such an event. I will do a record of day of the months and times of fire drills.


I am lawfully required to hold a valid first-aid certification before enrollment. so I can therefore administer basic first assistance. My first-aid box is easy accessible and stored in the medical specialty closet in the kitchen. Parent contact Numberss are kept firmly with the first-aid box. I hold written permission from parents to administrate exigency intervention if needed.


If an accident occurs to childminded kids or my ain kids: First I will reassure the kid and do certain any other kids in my attention are safe. Making certain other kids are where I can see them. and younger kids strapped into their baby buggy. I will cover with the accident if it is a minor one and name the parents instantly. otherwise I will name 999 for aid. If the kid has to travel to infirmary I will take the other kids with me. whilst I call the injured child’s parents to run into us at the infirmary. If I am injured or my ain kids are injured I will acquire the nearest responsible grownup to assist.

Accidents on trips out.

Parents inside informations will be carried with me on all trips out. should I need to reach them. If a parent has an accident I expect to be notified if possible. and kids shall be kept safe until parent can reach me or set up for the kid to be collected.


All accidents will be recorded in my book and the parent will necessitate to subscribe it. and be given a transcript. If it is a important accident the I will state OFSTED. the local kid protection bureau. the Health and Safety Executive and my insurance company every bit shortly as I can.


If a kid becomes ill in my attention with a believed infective unwellness. such as tummy bug or grippe. I will: Reach the parents to set up aggregation.

Ensure the kid is kept at place until they have been good for 48 hours. or in conformity with Health Authority guidelines. If a kid is believed to hold a notifiable unwellness. identified as such in the public wellness ( infective Diseases ) Regulations 1988. I will move on advice given by the Health Protection Agency ( World Wide Web. hpa. org. United Kingdom ) and inform OFSTED. All parents will be notified. Parents are made cognizant of my illness policy. and they are besides cognizant that I expect to be paid for the child’s topographic point even if they are excluded because of unwellness. If I become sick and can non care for the kids. I do non bear down parents for the clip the service is unavailable.

Undertaking 9

Describe typical behaviors exhibited by kids linked to their phase of development and cardinal events in their life:

Babies can non pass on to state you what they need. so they use shouting. babble and smile as a agency of communicating.

They may shout when:

They are hungry or tired.
They need their crisp changed.
They are experiencing lonely and necessitate a nestle.
They are frustrated.
They are sick.
Peoples may non believe that cardinal events in their lives could impact them. like traveling place. divorce. decease. but even little babes can pick-up on how the female parent is experiencing and be affected by it. Young kids up to 3 old ages

These are the old ages that they learn to speak and pass on more efficaciously. They can fight with feelings. emotions and communicating and become frustrated. taking to behaviors like: Biting.

Throwing playthings.
Many factors can take to these sort of behavior. such as being tired or hungry. being in a new environment. being ill. or happening it hard to interact and portion with other kids. Cardinal events can hold a greater impact on them at this age. They can go greatly affected by traveling place. or deceases in the household. which can so impact their behavior. so it is of import that the childminder is cognizant of these events.

4-8 twelvemonth old

This older age group are effectual communicators. yet if there are jobs at place or school they can still hold jobs showing themselves to the full. which may ensue in bad piques. violent behavior. rude behavior or curse.


Attend to babes demands straight off.
Distraction from unwanted behavior.
Praise good behavior.
Use books written on the topic that may be impacting them. Try and prosecute older kids in conversation. inquiring if anything is disturbing them. Explain that any violent. rude behavior is unacceptable.

Land regulations

Land regulations need to be implemented from the start and must be consistent. I will actively advance positive behavior and kids will be introduced to these regulations every bit shortly as possible. We will travel through the regulations so that everyone understands them. I have written a behavior policy which outlines my regulations and will be shared with parents and kids.

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