Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence

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There are a range of factors that could lead to abusive situations. People most likely to be abused are people who have something different about them. Most commonly this could be something like skin colour or where you are from, your culture or religion but really anyone who is different from what is usually perceived as ‘normal’. A physical or mental disability or health problems can make someone vulnerable. For example a person with a mental disability may not be capable of making responsible decisions for themselves and may make things easier to be manipulated or deceived in some way.

However that doesn’t just go for someone with a mental disability; elderly people are vulnerable to being frauded and are often the targets of telemarketing scams and other confidence crimes of that type. But then on the other hand very young people and children are easy to be deceived also and are commonly the victims of sexual abuse, a child could meet a ‘friend’ online and not realise that they are really a paedophile posing as a child and go to meet this ‘friend’ and get sexually abused in that way Or they could even get into a relationship with an older

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person who they think they are ‘in love’ with because they treat her special.

Very old people and very young people are especially vulnerable. Appearance, sexuality, race, religion and ethnic background, as well as social status and personal circumstances are very common factors that can lead to abuse. Someone having a problem with someone who is a different race is discrimination, this can often lead to bullying and psychologically abuse the victim by insulting, tormenting, excluding them.

This can lead the victim to self abuse or it can end up with the abuser physically abusing them to gain more power over them and feel bigger and better than them by hitting, slapping and beating their victims. Gender is also a factor that could lead to abuse. Typically women are deemed the weaker sex and can generally be overpowered by a man meaning they are vulnerable and a possible target for abuse.

Women are generally the victims of sexual abuse with the majority of rape victims and domestic abuse victims being women, although it does happen to men also and that is not said enough its always presumed that only women are victims of this kind of abuse but anyone can be abused. Your personal and financial circumstances, social background and confidence can also be factors that lead to abuse. If you do not have a lot of money and wear shabby clothes you may be outcast from other people and looked down upon by people who think they are better than you.

If you don’t have a lot of confidence or self esteem because of these thing then you wont have the confidence to stand up for yourself and stop being discriminated against will continue to be abused until something ends it. This will make the victim have even lower self esteem as they will believe all the negative things that have been highlighted to them and not focus on the positive, which will make this a continuous circle of making them feel worse making it harder and harder for them to feel good.

Sometimes, things get too much for people and the stress causes them to self abuse as an outlet for the pain. The victim will have cuts, burns or bruises usually well covered up, or on arms or legs. Factors that can contribute to the cause of domestic violence are hormonal changes in old age, retirement and illness. They cause stress which can put severe stress on any relationships with people involved, one may lash out in anger and realises it gives them control of the situation.

This is what sometimes causes domestic violence to become a serious problem when the violence and dominance continues frequently. The victim will have recurrent unexplained injuries and will try to cover and disguise them. Their personality, their past, if they’ve been abused in previous years, their personal journey, where they have come from, the kind of opportunities they have had and the situations and circumstances they have been in are also factors that can influence abuse.

They could have been abused in childhood and it continued into adulthood, being convinced into thinking that it was okay for it to happen and feel like they are only worthy of being abused like this because that’s what they have been made to believe by the abuser that is controlling them. If they’re a shy person, who’s not had a good up bringing or a good life and finds a partner that they think supports them and makes them feel loved but sometimes the more dominant partner will take advantage and abuse the trust and the relationship as well as psychologically, physically, sexually abusing the weaker person in the relationship.

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