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visual elements
Audiences generally focus first on the _____ displayed on a slide.
visual literacy
Graphical elements increase _____.
_____ express numbers visually.
Which of the following SmartArt layout types is used to create an organizational chart?
Which of the following SmartArt layout types is used to illustrate connections?
A(n) _____ often can help convey relationships between key points in your presentation.
Text Pane
The _____ assists you in creating a graphic because you can direct your attention to developing and editing the message without being concerned with the actual graphic.
To select multiple elements in a SmartArt graphic, you should press and hold the _____ key as you click each element.
Which of the following chart types uses vertical bars to compares values over a period of time?
Which of the following chart types shows trends over a continuous period of time?
Which of the following chart types divides a single total into parts to illustrate how the segments differ from each other and the whole?
A pie chart _____ is a box that identifies each slice of the pie chart and coordinates with the colors assigned to the slice categories.
Edit Data
You can reopen the Excel worksheet and edit the chart’s data by clicking the _____ button (Chart Tools Design tab | Data group).
4 x 6
Which of the following dimensions indicates a table with four columns and six rows?
right-clicking a table cell and clicking Format Shape on the shortcut menu
You can add a picture or a clip to a table cell by _____.
You can combine table cells by _____ them.
You can modify the look of the chart elements by changing its _____.
To delete a bullet line in a Text pane, press the _____ key twice
A _____ outline is a type of rough sketch of possible major points you would like to make and the order in which they might appear.
A(n) _____ created in Microsoft Word works well as a shell for a PowerPoint presentation
.The icons on the action buttons indicate their functions, but you also can add _____ to add interest or make the button less obvious to your viewers.
clip art
graphic elements
Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007 files use the _____ file extension in their file names.
Microsoft PPT 2010 and 2007 files use the ______ file extension in their file names
You can right-click selected text and then click _____ to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
Hyperlinks are active only in _____ view.
Slide Show
You can customize an action button with _____.
clip art
The _____ action button jumps to Slide 1.
Which of the following is the path to the Action button?
(Insert tab | Links group)
The vertical and horizontal rulers display the units of measurement in _____ by default.
The _____ are two straight dotted lines, one horizontal and one vertical.
drawing guides
To align multiple selected lines of text in the center of the content placeholder, click _____ in the Align Text gallery.
Long lists of items can be divided into several _____ to fill the placeholder width and maximize the slide space.
A(n) _____ cycle occurs when a slide show designer shares a file with reviewers.
When you _____, you work together on a document with others.
Changes that affect only the displayed slide are indicated in the Slide changes area of the _____ task pane, as shown in the accompanying figure.
The default slide orientation is _____.
The _____ locates inappropriate information, such as comments, in a file and allows you to delete these slide elements.
Document Inspector
Jumping to particular slides in a presentation is called _____.
Which of the following keyboard shortcuts can you use to advance to the next slide?
True or False? Often presentations are enhanced when individuals collaborate to fine-tune text, visuals, and design elements on the slides.
True or False? You can save your slide show annotations to review during or after the presentation.
A _____ is a description that normally does not display as part of the slide show.
In the Revisions task pane, comment markers are horizontal _____.
In the Revisions task pane, change markers are vertical _____.
_____ ensures that users do not change values inadvertently that are critical to the worksheet
Cell protection
_____ examines the formulas in a workbook in a manner similar to the way the spell checker examines a workbook for misspelled words.
The formula checker
Cell _____ help to set off sections of a worksheet
When considering which cells another worksheet user should be able to manipulate, leave the cells _____.
You can deselect multiple selected sheets beginning with the Sheet1 tab by pressing the _____ key and clicking the Sheet1 tab.
A cell _____ often is created from column or row titles
Which of the following is the path to the Borders button?
(Home tab | Font group)
You can select a cell or range by typing it’s _____ in the Name Box and pressing the ENTER key.
Names are _____ cell references.
With a(n) _____ data table you can vary the value in one cell.
You can delete a data table by selecting the data table and then _____.
pressing the DELETE key
The _____ function returns the present value of an annuity
To prevent round-off errors, use the _____ function.
Rather than setting a print area each time you want to print a range, you can _____ the range.
When building a worksheet for novice users, you should _____ the cells in the worksheet that you do not want changed, such as cells that contain text or formulas.
You should create a(n) _____ when you want to keep others from changing the worksheet from protected to unprotected.
To prevent sensitive data from being seen in a worksheet, you can hide the worksheet by clicking _____ on the shortcut menu
In a process called _____, Excel continually reviews the workbook for errors in formulas as you create or manipulate it.
background formula checking
Similar to the spell checker, Excel has a _____ that checks formulas in a worksheet for rule violations
formula checker
When a formula fails to pass one of the rules and background formula checking is enabled, Excel displays a small _____ in the upper-left corner of the cell assigned the formula.
green triangle
A _______________ is the intersection of a row and a column.
The _______________ gallery allows you to format a table with a variety of colors and shading.
Table Format
You would ________________ a table when the data is likely to change.
To place WordArt at a precise location on the page layout, right-click the WordArt object, select Format, and enter the precise location in the _______________ boxes.
Position on page
A ________________ is a dotted flashing border.
To delete the contents of a cell, select the contents ________________.
press the DELETE key or drag and drop or press the BACKSPACE key
To select items in a previous cell, press ________________.
The ________________ tab allows you to change character spacing, letter height, patterns, and add shadows or effects to WordArt objects.
WordArt Tools Format
The text box at the bottom of the Excell ribbon that lets you type text, numbers, functions, and formulas is called the ________________ bar.
A(n) ________________ is an inclusive term for a publication or article that includes advertising and marketing information for a product.
Publisher provides ____ publications with no preset objects or design, allowing you to start from scratch.
Office applications use the term ____ to refer to the process of changing the margins, orientation, and size, among other settings.
page setup
Creating a(n) ____ color scheme means choosing your own colors that will be applied to text and objects in a publication.
When you ____ an object in Publisher, you turn it so that the top of the object faces a different direction.
The term, ____, when it applies to graphics, means changing the vertical or horizontal size of the graphic by a percentage.
With ____, you eliminate part of the graphic from the display while maintaining the size of the objects in the picture.
____ are square black handles along a red, dashed outline that can be dragged to create irregular shapes.
wrap points
When you ____ a graphic, you make a large-scale color change to the entire graphic.
When multiple objects are selected, you can ____ them, which means they stay together for purposes such as cutting, pasting, moving, and formatting.
A(n) ____ is a gradual progression of colors and shades, usually from one color to another color, or from one shade to another shade of the same color.
A(n) ____ is a color created from a base color mixed with a percentage of white.
A(n) ____ is a mixture of a base color and black.
____ offer(s) a wide variety of graphical borders, such as hearts, apples, balloons, or decorative shapes, such as squares and triangles.
border art
In Publisher, a(n) ____ is a combination of formatting characteristics, such as font size, effects, and formatting.
Line ____ is the amount of space from the bottom of one line of text to the bottom of the next line.
A(n) ____ is preprinted stationery with important facts about the company and blank space to display the text of the correspondence.
A(n) ____ is a specific component in a set, such as a name, job position, or address.
A(n) ____ is a recognizable symbol that identifies a person, business, or organization.
The Add Selection to Business Information Gallery command allows you to add selected text and graphics as a Publisher ____.
building block
You use the ____ toolbar to enter the exact values for the horizontal position, vertical position, width, and height of the object.
When you point to a business information field or click it, Publisher displays the ____ button, which allows you to edit the field individually.
smart tag
The default style in Publisher is call the ____ style.
You can change the ____ settings by right-clicking the text box and choosing the style on the shortcut menu.
The ____ appears at the top of most business letters.
You cannot make permanent changes to a(n) ____ file.
The ____ list allows you to click the name of the publication to open it, without browsing to the location.
Recent Documents
Microsoft has various envelope ____ for occasions such as holidays, weddings, parties, and graduations stored online.
___ is a portable format that can be read by anyone using a free reader, available on the Web.
PDF stands for _____?
Portable Document Form
____ options allow you to set specific margins to match specialized business card paper.

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