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This group was the cream of the crop for everything that dealt with art, political and social aspects. Many of those who belonged In the intelligentsia were teachers, lawyers, and even doctors. On the other hand, the Intelligentsia was not based on how wealthy you are; It was based on social class. You did not need to be wealthy to be in the intelligentsia: it was not based on your economic class. However, you did need to be a strong believer in the cause and have a sense of responsibility. For example, the intelligentsia believed that hey were accountable for speaking on behalf of those that could not, such as peasants.

Some intelligentsia, known as the avian-garden, worked to create innovative ideas and perceptions that were the very basis of modernism. Many of these Ideas dealt with art. Another reason attributed to the decline of realism other than the intelligentsia was explained in Dimmit Merrymakers essay “on the Reason for the Decline and on the Trends in Contemporary Russian Literature. ” This piece urged artists to create fantasy images, instead of always drawing what they saw around hem or basing their paintings on something that has happened to them.

He also advised artists to be subjective with their paintings, and for each painting to maybe not Just have one perception. An Important art group during this time In Russia was the world of Art (1898-1904). This was a magazine and also an overall aesthetic movement. During the time period of the world of art, music by Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) and ballets such as Fired (1910) and Rite of Spring (1913) were very popular. Goals of the world of art included restoring the idea of art. They believed hat art should be for art’s sake.

They also aimed to introduce European and British art trends to the Russian public. The world of art was very Important In Russian history, and was founded by Sergei Dishevel and Alasdair Benson. Included In this group was Kashmir Melville, a famous artist at the time. He created an artistic piece entitled “Death of a Man on an Airplane and a Train at the Same Time (1 913). ” This illustration was for Crunchiness’s Exploited, and was a major contribution to the world of art. This artwork was a very significant piece because it was symbolic. Unlike a allies painting, which might actually depict and airplane, train, and a dying man, this piece Is abstract. There are lots of shapes, such as triangles, and other shapes made to the World of Art, because it brought a new perspective to art. Rather than seeing a painting and immediately understanding what it is about, this abstract painting can be depicted by viewers in many ways. A large poetic movement during this time in Russia was Futurism. Futurism was prevalent in Russia from 1911-1930. Futurists believed that poetry is art that should be employing ideas and methods that have ever been tried before.

The futurists were fascinated with technology, and saw the end of the older forms of art as liberating. Some of the ideas the futurists were fascinated with were materials that can be used for art, such as iron wires and cardboard. Essentially, futurism rejected all poets and all poetry of the past, including very famous poets such as Pushpin. Finally, Futurism basically claimed that language has no meaning and is an end in itself. Common Futurists works, such as Makeovers poetry, used sounds and made up words and said that this was poetry.

Many of his works dealt with the concept of Sum, or transitional language. The language used in some of these futurist poems experimented with language that was rich in sound, and didn’t really have an actual denotation in language. Massively was not afraid to surprise readers and make a statement with his poetry. He rejected the standards and common rules of poetry, and stepped outside the box with his writing. Vladimir Massively was the most recognized and consequently the most infamous of the Futurists. Massively was unique because was attracted to Marxism ND the Intelligentsia.

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