Rule of Law Essay

A. That the suppliant has no link with the committee of the offense whatsoever. B. That instance fir is false. against jurisprudence and facts. C. That harmonizing to the faux pas attached with the check was ; out dated ; bank has termed it as a stale check. as it had been presented for encashment beyond the period of six months from the day of the month of its issue. and in fortunes it was bound to be dishonoured. [ day of the month on alleged check was on 15-08-2008 while the same was presented for the first clip on 15-06-2009—-complainant [ respondent ] seemed to cognize good that the check would non be enchased but still presented it for payment. simply to convey a instance against the accused under S489-f ppc —-Dishonest purpose of the accused was non patent or deducible from fortunes o the case—-allegation brought against the petitioned is baseless and condemnable proceedings against the suppliant would amount to an maltreatment of the procedure of jurisprudence and leting this would be a waste of tine and exasperation o the wretchednesss of the suppliant /accused.

D. That there is no offense or instance of venally publishing a check within the significance of subdivision 489-f ppc is made out against the present suppliant. the relevant subdivision is reproduced as under: Section 489-f of Pakistan penal codification. . E. That the suppliant has no link with the committee of offense whatsoever. F. That the instant instance is false and frivolous based upon malafide. G. That the petitioned has non issued any check to the plaintiff.

H. That the plaintiff has tampered the check and manipulated his name by the word URDU WORD into his ain name. likewise the alleged check was shown a cross check but soon as an unfastened check. this besides make the instance of the plaintiff a false 1. I. That the suppliant is a respectable citizen and bid good repute in the society and antecedently non-convict as good. 8. That the suppliant has o other legal. Expeditious. proper. Swift and alternate redress except the instant request. 9. That and affidavit is attached herewith.

Under the above-named fortunes. it is most respectfully prayed that by accepting this instant request Case fir 530/09 constabulary station sadar Gujranwala Dated 04-08-2009 offense u/s 489-f p. p. c. may really kindly be quashed. It is farther prayed that appropriate orders may kindly be passed
to patrol non to collar the suppliant until the disposal of the instant request. Any other adequate redress which this honorable tribunal deems tantrum may besides be granted.

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