SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
J003, J004, J005 and 15E1 (35803, 35809, 35813 and 33641)
David Wachtel, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology
Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Fall 2013
Office: 230 Moloney Building (MB) Telephone: 246-6324Office Manager: Mary Margaret Pendleton – MB 211 / 246-6322Office Hours: Wednesday 10-12 and Tuesday and Thursday 1-3Mailbox Location: MB 211Program Coordinator: Professor Leon Lane- MB 234- Phone-246-6327EMAIL: [email protected] Assistant Dean: Professor Vicki Wilson – MB 238 – Phone 246-6316
(Communications, History, Languages and Social Sciences)Days and Time: Tuesday and Thursday – 8-9:15 J003, 9:30-10:45 J004, 11-12:15 J005, and Wednesday 6:30-9:15 pm 15E1Room: AT 114 – J003, J004, J005/ M 122AB – 15E1REQUIRED TEXT: Giddens, A., Duneier, M., Appelbaum, R., & Carr, D. (2012). Introduction to sociology. New York, NY: Norton. ISBN: 9780393912289 (Seagull Eighth Edition)NORTON STUDYSPACE: http://www.wwnorton.com/college/soc/introductiontosociology8/
COURSE DESCRIPTION:Introduces concepts and methods of sociology including investigation of socialization, group processes, social inequality, social institutions, and social change. Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours).COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES:1. Describe the three major Sociological paradigms
2. Explain each paradigm’s interpretation of the major American social institutions and human social behavior.
3. Discuss the meaning and importance of the sociological concepts of socialization, group processes, deviance, social institutions and social change.
4. To create good study habits and learn to think critically.STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES:It is very important for you to attend class, complete the assigned readings, and any additional assignments prior to the class session, and take exams…