RST 130 Exam 1

Loy’s definition sport is that it must be
playlike, competitive, have an uncertain outcome, involve phycials prowess, and elements of skill
the four concepts of management are
planning, organizing, leading, and controlling
the main fucntion of management is
controlling is
monitoring employees activities and determining whether the org. is on target towards its goals
transactional leadership is by
creating clear structures where it is clear what is required. Includes rewards for following orders or punishment
transformational leadership is how
the leader affects the followers and can be affected in three ways.
the four p’s of marketing are
price, place, product, and promotion
product characterisitcs are
utilities, attributes, and benefits
product char. utilities are
how it satisfies wants and needs
marketing is defined as the
process of planing and executing the pricing and promotion of ideas and goods to satisfy individual and organ. objectives
sports marketing is unique because
it’s inconsistent, no control over the product, and product perishability
a product’s life cycle is
introduction, growth, maturity, and decline
in the growth stage of a product you
create an image, improve the product, and develop new markets
price is the
most visible of the four Ps and easiest to change
four factors to every purchase are
quality, quantity, time, and cost
the four ingredients to selling are
finding customer, getting through to cust., increasing awareness, and persuading other customers to act on their interest.
customers do not but
the features of a product they buy the benefits
sport sales is defined as
uncovering and satifying the needs of a buyer to to mutual, long-term benefits of both parties
most common legal principle in sport is
tort is
a personal injury suffered by an individual due to another’s improper conduct
negligence is the
intent to commit an act but with no intent to harm anyone (MOST COMMON IN RST)
the three elements to battery are
intent to touch, actual toching, and lack of consent
the four elements to negligence are
duty, breach of duty, damage/harm, and cause
reckless misconduct is
performing an act with disregard to the the risk or harm it could bring
the volunteer act of 1987 says that
volunteers are immune from being liable for negligence but corporation can still be liable
the 3 steps in risk managament are
dev. a plan, implementing plan, and managing the plan
of managers are placed in their first supervisory jobs with no training
sports marketing can be unique because
it can be a consumer service/good or a commercial service/good
sport management is mainly
orgnaizational and informational management
interpersonal managers include
figureheads, leaders, and liason
informational managers inclue
monitors, disseminators, and spokesperson
decisional managers include
entrepeneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator
hawthorn studies manipulated the
lighting in a group and their productivity increased
title Ix was based on
contingency management suggests that
the appropriate mangerial behavior depends on a variet of elements
leadership is a
process, withing a GROUP, involves INFLUENCE, and goals
referent power is
powere to someone based on identity, charisma, or loyalty
coercive power is
power forced by threat
the four Es of leadership are
envision, enable, empowerm and energize
women tend to
be more democratic in leadership & use transformational leadership
transformational leadership is intened to
have followers trust and respect the leader
sponsorship is the relationship
between a sponsor and a property, where the sponsor pays a fee in return for access to the commercial potential
godfather of sponsorship was
Peter Uberroth
the dif. between sponsorship and philanthropy is that
philanthropy is motivated by giving anf and donations
dif. between advertising and spons. is
advertising is a direct promotion where sponsoship is qualitative.
sponsors look to
reach target markets, generate awareness, and increase sales, demonstration platform, and hospitality opp.
Four Cs to market research are
consumer, competitor, company, and climate
punitive damages are
meant to punish the wrongdoer for intentional acts of harm
corporations protect themselves by
leasing facilities, hiring independent contractors, and waivers
3-prong test is
history and continuance of program expansion, full accomodation of interests and abilities of those underrep. and proportionate part. opp.
title ix didnt work at first because
no structure or financial assistance was given to enforce the law
title IX was signed into law in
1972 by Nixon

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