RSM 440 quizzes-midterm

Simultaneous production and consumption is a unique aspect of sport marketing as far as price is concerned.
False. As far as PRODUCT is concerned.
Most traditional products will see consistent sales throughout the year, whereas a sport product has high-volume times and low-volume times.
Budget cuts that have affected high school sports have virtually no effect on professional sport fandom.
The price of the sport product itself is invariably quite small in comparison with the total cost paid by the consumer.
A focus on producing and selling goods and services rather than identifying and satisfying the needs and wants of consumers and their markets is known as
Marketing myopia
Which of the following is an example of marketing myopia?
1. reliance on winning to help market the product
2. greater emphasis on short-term sales compared with long-term strategy
3. confusing marketing and promotions
Which of the following is an example of marketing through sport?
using a sports teams tv broadcast to advertise financial services
Which of the following is NOT a reason why sport marketing is different from many other types of product marketing?
emphasis on generating revenue
What factor leads many sport consumers to consider themselves experts?
product salience and strong identification
What legendary sport marketer owned three different Major League Baseball franchises, has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and is still known to this day as the champion of the little guy because of the value that he placed on attracting common fans to his teams’ games?
Bill Veeck
A strong and knowledgeable staff, a large capital reserve, and a positive reputation are all examples of internal strengths.
Analyzing the market and the organization is one of the five strategic components of marketing management.
Having the most members of any other health club in the Newark area would be a marketing goal that focuses on market share.
Having a large percentage of high-income sport fans would be an example of an
external opportunity
According to the marketing concept of the frequency escalator, who resides on the ground level?
Nonaware nonconsumers
The four Ps of the sport marketing mix?
1. product
2. place
3. price
4. promotion
A CRM software database system provides sport marketers
a 360 degree record of all customer interactions
What part of developing the marketing plan involves finding an unmet need and defining it?
developing the market
Which fast food brand pulled off a little ambush marketing through a partnership with a MLB player over Player’s Weekend?
Carl’s JR
Which of the following is a result of the 2004 Super Bowl halftime performance?
1. MTV no longer able to put on halftime shows
2. the term “wardrobe malfunction” is born”
3. 5 second FCC television broadcast delay
Playing tennis is an example of behavioral involvement in the sport, whereas taking tennis lessons constitutes commitment to the sport.
Socialization is the process by which people assimilate and develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and other “equipment” necessary to perform various social roles involving two-way interaction between the individual and the environment.
The first step in the purchase decision-making process is
Need recognition
A sport fan who is enticed into buying a ticket to a game by a game promotion had his consumer behavior affected by
market behavior of the sport firm
In this stage of the life cycle, sport marketers are marketing to people who have time and money to participate or attend.
single and retired
Which of the following would be considered an environmental factor that affects consumer behavior?
cultural norms
A person involved in hands-on activities such as participating in the sport itself or watching, listening, and cheering on her team is classified as having what sort of sport involvement?
This individual factor is related to what a person thinks of himself or herself.
The frequency, duration, and intensity of involvement in a sport or the willingness to expend money, time, and energy in a pattern of sport involvement is referred to as
Which of the following is considered, in consumer perception factor, that good sport marketers work to control?
1. scarcity of tickets
2. venue cleanliness
3. fan exposure to violence
A professional sport team that uses Nielsen ratings from their game broadcasts to set advertising rates is using syndicated data.
Qualitative research provides organizations with in-depth research that provides deep insight
For a sport organization, business objectives should always drive decisions when conducting market research.
In the sport industry, teams and leagues are now using analytics and research more frequently, but few, if any, sport sponsors are using metrics to make marketing decisions.
Which of the following would be considered a quantitative approach to collecting custom research?
Surveys distributed to season ticket holders
Which of the following would be an effective way to procure accurate and unbiased results from a fan intercept survey conducted during a sporting event?
1.use an ample number of data collectors
2.keep the survey short enough that spectators can complete it in less than four minutes
3. use a random sampling scheme to approach a representative sample of attendees
Within the sport industry, which of the following are least likely to have full-time staff members dedicated to data research and analysis?
A college athletics department
What are some ways in which professional sport leagues commonly use professional research analysts?
1. to measure audience viewership in order to price sponsorship and advertising appropriately

2. to satisfy internal consumer research needs such as comparing consumer behavior toward the league versus individual teams

3. to serve as an advisor or consultant to individual teams

Which of the following methodologies for data collection is the most expensive?
telephone interviews
The ability to gain access to a potential customer is an important part of market segmenting.
A sport marketer creates a promotion to attract families, and families attend the game. This promotion was successful in identifiability in terms of market segmenting.
In the field of sport marketing, positioning the product in the same way to all potential consumers is typically very effective.
Many major league teams capture information about their customers or prospective customers and then segment those customers by their demographic information to show their likelihood of buying tickets to future games.
A sport marketer placing an ad on the right radio station at the right time to reach the right customer would be an example of
Which of the following is a component of state-of-mind segmentation?
If a golf course owner split the market into those who played the course 1 to 5 times a year, those who played it 6 to 10 times a year, and those who were members and played 11 or more times a year, which type of market segmentation would she be using?
product usage
What are the four bases of segmentation?
1. State of being

2. State of Mind

3. Product benefits

4. Product Usage

In sport marketing, the process of dividing a large, heterogeneous market into homogeneous groups of people who have similar wants and needs or demographic is called…
Market segmentation
_________ segmentation includes factors such as income, gender, and race.
state of being
Although designed for competition and participation, apparel offers people the opportunity to demonstrate team affiliation.
Few sport venues have the ability to generate significant revenue beyond game days.
Cheerleaders, mascots, and concessions are examples of product extensions.
Teams and franchises have much more volatile and unpredictable product life cycles than those of their sport overall.
In sport marketing terms, the way that event staff interact with consumers (personnel and process) would be considered a sport product extension.
In sport marketing terms, which of the following is not a component of the core event experience or game presentation?
Product extensions
Comparing the worth of a product that has an organization’s name or image on it to the worth of a generic product of similar quality is called…
Brand Equity
In sport marketing terms, what are the parts of the sport product strategy?
1. Differentiation
2. Product development
3. Branding
4. Product Position
With _________ _________, the sport marketer must consider the relative advantage of the new product over old preferences, complexity or difficulty in adoption and use, and compatibility with consumer values.
Product Development

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