Rosenthal Study Guide for NCE

The Oedipus Complex means
The child’s libido or sex energy is directed toward the parent of the opposite sex.

What gender identifies with the Oedipus Complex

What theory is the Oedipus Complex from
Freudian Theory

Transference implies
The client displaces emotion felt towards a parent onto the analyst, counselor or therapist.

The word transference is from what concept?
Psychoanalytic concept

Eros and Thanatos derives from what theory
Freudian Theory

Freudians describes Thanatos as meaning
Death wish

Freudians describe Eros as meaning
Love of life

Instructing the client to say whatever comes to mind is practicing
Free association

The process of making a client aware of something which was previously unknown

Clients who are fighting the helping process in any manner is considered to be

The child, adult and parent is from which model
Structural model

The father of Transactional Analysis
Eric Berne

The id, ego and superego is derived from which theory
Structural theory

Who is the father of psychoanalysis theory
Sigmund Freud

Who is the father of analystic psychology
Carl Gustav Jung

The father of Individual Psychology
Alfred Adler

Alfred Adler is the father of
Individual Psychology

Sigmund Freud is the father of

What is Psychoanalysis
A comprehensive personality theory

Carl Gustav Jung is the father of
Analytic Psychology

The process in which the client attempts to describe thoughts, ideas and feelings is called

Electra Complex deals with what gender

The most important concept in Freud’s theory is
The unconscious mind

Parapraxis is what Freud called
The psychopathology of everyday life

The perfect self or ideal self that a person judges themselves against

Rationalization, compensation, repression, projection, reaction formation, identification, introjection, denial, and displacement are identified as
Ego defense mechanism

The most important defense mechanism is

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