Rosalind Franklin University of Medical Science

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The Rosalind Franklin University of Medical Science (RFUMS) is a non-profit educational institution which operates to interact with health care industries in order to fulfill their clinical mission. To maintain a positive and healthy atmosphere, the University decided to make Policy 117 entitled “Health Care Industry Interactions in Education” (RFUMS, 2009, p. 1). It states that it is prohibited to give gifts to any personnel involved in the health industry. By enacting this policy, the University aims to limit the interaction of all the faculty members, students and trainees.

Gift”, as provided for in this policy, is defined as any payment or provision of free items and other medical samples (RFUMS, 2009, p. 2). I agree with the University’s position that impropriety and conflict of interest in the workplace should be avoided at all costs, but I do not agree that enforcing this policy will solve this problem. I have great respect for people working for the health care industry, and I share their sentiment that the quality and image of health care should be protected by all means necessary.

However, prohibiting gifts are not exactly the best solution for this kind of situation. People working for this industry are constantly under pressure

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and they should be given more credit. Giving them a little something for their hard work is not tantamount to bribing or lowering health care standards because first of all, they are bound by the ethical standards of the medical profession, and secondly, they are trained to conduct themselves whenever situations such as this arise.

I do not think that these personnel may be influenced by mere notepads, pens, notebooks and other kinds of presents. On the other hand, I agree with the University that any person who has some personal interest may excuse themselves from making any purchasing decisions. This is a valid limitation for me because this avoids any unnecessary controversy and conflict of interest.

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