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Romeo & Juliet Essay
“While Romeo and Juliet is a love story it is really driven by passion and conflict.” How has Shakespeare used passion and conflict to create the classic tale of, Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, is a world famous play about two young people, Romeo and Juliet, who fell in love even though their families are enemies. In the end they both kill themselves and it fixes the families feud. When reading this play many people wonder, are Romeo and Juliet really in love? Love is a true, deep emotion, that’s often long lasting of devotion.

While infatuation is fake love, that is obsessed over, unreasoned, rushed, and often physical. Because of these definitions you realize Romeo and Juliet were not really in love but infatuated with each other. We also learn about how Shakespeare used passion and conflict to create the classic tale of, Romeo and JulietShakespeare used a lot of different examples of passion in the book Romeo and Juliet. One of the good examples of passion that Shakespeare uses is when Romeo chooses to go to the Capulet ball. Because Romeo is a Montague, with him going to the Capulet ball could mean Romeo would face death if he was to be found out by the Capulet’s. Rosaline is attending the ball and Romeo knows that which would drive his passion to go there and pursue his love for Rosaline.

Romeo really wants to go to the ball even if that means death upon entry. Tybalt find out that a Montague is at the ball (Romeo) and later tells Lord Capulet, Lord Capulet wants to trouble at the ball so then tells Tybalt to not worry about Romeo and let him stay, later on at the ball Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight at the dance.
Shakespeare uses passion very well in the scene of Romeo and Juliet getting married by Friar Lawrence. Romeo and Juliet haven’t seen each other in over a week and they are excited to see each other. Unlike most weddings which take a long time to prepare, Romeo and Juliet take little.


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