Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Answers

Paris thinks ______ is crying for the death of __________ when he sees her in the ________ tombJuliet, Tybalt, Capulets
Paris says _________ does not smile in a house of _______Venus, tears
Paris greets Juliet by saying “_______ met, my lady and my _________”happily, wife

Juliet answers _______ by saying “that may be, sir, when I may be a _________”Paris, wife
Paris says that Juliets face is _______ with _________abused, tears
Juliet says she will take the _______ and ________ herself if the ________ can not help herdagger, kill, Friar
Friar L. says he spies a kind of _______ when he has an ideahope
Juliet would rather……..than marry Paris:
1. Jump from a ___________
2. Jump into a pit of __________
3. _______ down the ________ ridden __________
building, snakes, walk, crime, streets
Friar Lawrences Plan;
1. Consent to your ________ wishes
2. Do not let the _______ ________ with you that night
3. Drink the ______ in the ________
4. Appear _______ and ________
5. Your _____ will carry you to the ________
6. I [The ________] will send a letter to _______ and tell him the ________
6. Romeo and you will go off to__________
parents, nurse, sleep, potion, vial, cold, breathless, parents, tomb, Friar, Romeo, plan, Mantua
Juliet worries………..
1. The ______ will not ______ at all
2. The ________ is trying to _____ her since he married them without their parents ________
3. If the ______ does not work, she will have to marry __________
4. Juliet will wake up in the tomb _______ and _______ (without the air)
5. ________ ghost will haunt her
potion, work, Friar, poison, wish, potion, Paris, early, suffocate, Tybalts
Juliet works herself up so much that she believes she sees ____________ ghost coming towards herTybalts
Juliet drinks to __________Romeo
The ________ is the first to find Juliet “dead”Nurse
Juliet says if the plan does not work, she has the power to kill herself with the _______ that she put next to her _____dagger, bed
Juliet tells her father that from here forward, she will always ______ to her ________listen, father
Capulet is so happy of Juliets ________ that he moves the wedding, which was _______ to _________reconciliation, thursday, wednesday
Juliet asks the ______ to let her _______ alonenurse, sleep
________ thrills through __________ vein before she takes the potionFear, Juliets
Capulet tells the ________ to wake _________nurse, Juliet
In that time period, the ______ would see the ________ before the _______groom, bride, wedding
The nurse first thinks ______ is ______Juliet, sleeping
When the nurse finally realizes that Juliet is dead, she says Juliet is wearing the _____ ________, is ________ and ________same clothes, cold, pale
Friar Lawrence comforts them by saying _________ keeps his part in eternal lifeheaven
Capulet says that the wedding cheer has turned into a _____ _______ _______sad, burial, feast
The Capulets are preparing to take Juliets body to the __________
*Wealthy people had their own
Paris feels __________ by the Capuletscheated

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