Roman Part 2 Study for roman part 2 test

Question Answer
What factors led to decline? Economic pressure at home, overcrowding in cities, and wider social gap.
The plebeians fall into dept because? Constant warfare, inability to harvest crops, pay off loans.
Instead of giving jobs to the Plebeians, they? Have slave labor, which forces plebeians to go find work in other cities.
Slave labor dominated so the economic conditions created? anger and voilence
Leaders did what because they feared rebellion would break out? They gave out free food, and entertainment to keep masses happy.
General Marius changed the method of military by? Recruiting jobless Plebeians and trained, paid them
The legions then became loyal to the? Generals and not the senate.
General Sulla named himself? Dictator
He reduced power of the Plebeians and gave the patricians? More roles/power.
The divide of Rome continued to? Increase
Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey created? a Triumvirate( type of Oligarchy)
They three generals divided ? Rome's territory between them.
The senate does what because they are worried of Caesar because of his massive amount of money and popularity from the legion. They order him back to Rome but he refuses which results in a civil war.
What happens between Caesar and Pompey during the Civil war. Caesar crushes Pompey and takes over government.
Caesar brought what back to the government? peace and good
Caesar offered what to poor and people outside of Rome? Rights and citizenship.
Caesar is declared? dictator of life ending the democracy which angered the Patricians
Caesar died by? being stabbed 23 times
The Colosseum was known as the theater of? Blood
Admission was? Free
The best seats were handed out? To the most influential people, they had assigned seating.
Women and Slaves? had to stand of floor level.
Gladiators killed things because? People loved to watch, this entertained them.

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