Roman and Han Attitudes Towards Technology

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While technology use was popular in both countries, Han China Philosophers saw technology as efficient and their government officials saw It as monopolizing while the e Roman Empire’s philosophers saw it as distasteful and their government officials saw it as be outlaw. Romans in favor of technology praised it for its beauty and usefulness. Hans in favor of technology praised It for Its efficiency and protection. However, there were members of both

Han China and the Roman Empire who disliked technology because it could monopoly zee Industries and Its users were seen as dull and unskilled. Romans that had a positive attitude towards technology were very passionate about I Not only were roads appreciated for their usefulness but they were described as have Eng grace and beauty (Doc 6). Roads were not the only things that Romans cherished, they also became me very proud of their aqueducts.

One Roman general raved about the abundance of water t hey had due o aqueducts, and even compared them to the pyramids of Egypt, however this genre al may have been biased due to the fact that he was the water commissioner of Rome and most lie Kelly described the aqueducts as better than they really were in order to make himself lo k better as a professional (Doc 8). Both of these Romans sharing their excitement about new tech oenology shows their positive attitude towards it.

Han China citizens that had a positive attitude toward technology loved Its efficiency ND the protection it could offer to their country. Han government officials ordered that SST feed water conservation offices should be made in order to prevent floods (Doc 1). Han China ha d decided that their solution to a flood natural disaster was to be equipped with the proper etc homology to avoid it. A Han philosopher discussed the evolution of technology in his writing, expel Milling how it has gotten more efficient over time.

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