Roles Of The Police Officer

Man has limited ways to tolerate one another; this has been a major problem in the first Biblical family that culminated in the murder of Abel by Cain, his brother. That was the first record of violence in the Bible, and possibly the first in the world. Apart from this intolerance, it is also imperative for man to protect himself from the adversities of life, including those perceived as enemies; these could be animals or men of same species. He also needs to protect his possession from the angry mouth of a roaring wild ‘animal’ in the vicinity. These roles have become overwhelming for just a single person.

Man has grown in number and filled the earth. This necessitated the introduction of a law enforcement agency, including the Police. The roles of a police officer are diverse. A typical Police officer is expected to have an impeccable character or close to it; he is the leader in the community that depicts the pattern and lifestyle of a law abiding citizen. This is the foundation of his role in intervening appropriately in domestic and national crises. After successful completion of preliminary academic courses, he can work in a number of units within the Police.

He is able to respond to calls from threatened zones neighborhood within the jurisdiction of his Post. In response to community challenges, he is saddled with the responsibility of protecting life and property, maintains order. He also prevents and detects criminals while still preparing offenders for prosecution. His protection also includes a special protection for the child, and also royalty. He can also be involved in criminal investigations, and juvenile violence intervention. He is also trained in firearms support.

His scope of investigation includes crime such as rape, fraud, murder, child and drug trafficking. He can also provide evidence for court cases in any of these categories of crime, if there is need for such. He does work alone; in fact, he can not survive at all if he chooses that part. He is therefore trained to work with other colleagues, obey commands form senior officers and collaborate effectively with other law enforcement agencies and intelligence groups in the country. He also understands the inevitability of community participation in discharge of his duties.