Roles of the Nurse

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There are different settings in the hospital that are faced by the nurses each day as they carry out their tasks. In these different setting, it is seen that there are three different roles that are taken by the nurse, which includes being a manager of care, a provider of care, and a member within the discipline of nursing. First, the nurse serves as a manager of care wherein delegation and management of tasks related to the care of people sometimes serves as a component of the responsibilities of the nurse aside from the others.

It is mentioned by Masters (2005) that a “nurse making an assignment is acting as a manager of care” (p. 31). For example, there are also nurses within the management level who oversees the operations of a particular community hospital and delegates tasks because of the need for a manager and distribution of tasks that are required in the delivery of sevice. Second, the nurse is also a provider of care and this requires them to give a hands-on approach to the treatment of illnesses and medical conditions (Mauk, 2006). An example is for the nurses working with the elderly wherein in the course of their care,

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it is important for them to learn the specific needs of this population and the proper approach to caring for them (Mauk, 2006).

Likewise, it is also necessary for an evidence-based approach to nursing that is employed for this particular group (Mauk, 2006). Lastly, the nurse is concerned with the responsibilities postulated in the code of ethics for this particular profession. It is contained in “The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses” that the nurse, during the course of duty, should always keep in mind the responsibilities to the field of nursing (International Council of Nurses [ICN], 2006). As a community health nurse, there should be a constant update made with regard to the demands of the specific community which the nurse works with.

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