Roles Nurses Play

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The resilience of a patient or client refers to the capacity to withstand factors, called stressors, which can cause stress and not manifest psychological dysfunction such as mental illness or a negative attitude. These stressors are the experiences of the patient such as illness, sexual or physical abuse, violence, and experience about someone’s death (Neill, 2006). In increasing the resilience of the patients to these stressors, the help of nurses is important because they play certain roles that increase the resilience of patients.

One of the roles of nurses in increasing the resilience of the patients is the use of therapeutic music videos for their patients, majority for adolescents (Ruccione, 2007). These music videos can be about nature, positive aspects of life, and classical music. Through these videos, the patient’s mind can be relaxed and can help to increase resilience by avoiding psychological dysfunction.

The importance of nurses in increasing the resilience of patients is through personal contact to them. This personal contact or connection between nurses and patients is a must aside from the medicines being given for this give the patients a feeling of security and comfort. This can increase their mental strength and somehow the method of contact is a psychological type or approach of increasing resilience.

Lastly, another role that the nurses play in increasing the resilience of patients is through engaging their patients to interact with other patients, engaging them in different simple activities that they can do during their past time, and engaging in open conversations. These activities that the nurses promote help also in promoting the patient’s sense of self-esteem and overall self-worth. Thus, by strengthening the patient’s psychological state, resilience of patients can also be increased. This depicts the roles that nurses play in our society in increasing patient’s resilience.

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