Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher Analysis Essay Example
Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher Analysis Essay Example

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2017
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Review your ain functions and duties as a Teacher, in footings of the Teaching/Training Cycle, placing boundaries that should be set.


In every profession, there are functions and duties and boundaries that are set in order to split the line that indicates the farthest bound. Functions and Duties are of import because they would ease order in any given administration and let personal and organizational aims to be met, as those with Roles will be accountable to their maps. Actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a individual or group are referred to as `` Roles '' while the duties to transport frontward an assigned undertaking to a successful decision are referred to as `` Duties. '' All acquisition establishments are capable to statute law. It is of relevancy that in this assignment I link these functions and duties to current legislative demands such as Disability Discrimination Act, ( DDA ) , Particular Education Needs ( SEN ) , and Equal Opportunities. Under the Professional Code of Practice, I have duties as a instructor to set about 30 hours of Continued Professional Development per twelvemonth and I must besides update my capable cognition. I must hence, have lucidity on my functions and duties in order to forestall skip of responsibility.

In this assignment I will analyze the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher in relation to the Teaching/Training Cycle. This will take to concentrating on professional activities within the learning rhythm. I will besides recognize the professional boundaries that govern a instructor 's behavior in order to follow with the Pr


ofessional codification of behavior. It is hence, of significance that I discuss where the instructor 's different functions halt. After analyzing this subject, I will come up with a decision.

Holtrop ( 1997 ) suggests that `` Obviously instructors wear many chapeaus: friend, counselor, justice, wise man, 100s of functions and different functions for different categories, pupils and extracurricular responsibilities. '' In relation to the Training rhythm, I have a function of Assessor. A bulk of scholars will hold different single acquisition demands and for me to suit their demands, I need to hold appraisal accomplishments that will advance equality, diverseness and inclusion. I will associate this to Domain A of the LLUK Standards which states one of the professional patterns as

Apply rules to measure and develop ain pattern in advancing equality and inclusive acquisition and prosecuting with diverseness. '' I can accomplish this by transporting out thorough initial appraisals that will assist me to place different scholar demands such as hapless composing accomplishments, hapless reading accomplishments, disablements etc. Thiswould be in line with Domain C `` Ways to place single acquisition demands and possible barriers to larning in ain specialist country. '' This will do it easier for both the scholar and me to entree acquisition and present larning severally, because based on the appraisal needs that I will place, I must hold knowledge apprehension of how I will use the different appraisal methods like formative and summational appraisals to run into these demands. This may increase the degree of motive to both the scholar and instructor.


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will associate this to Domain E which is about appraisal for larning `` Theories and rules of appraisal and the application of different signifiers of appraisal, including initial, formative and summational appraisal in instruction and acquisition. ''

In my function as a instructor I am to carry on initial appraisals which will assist me to place scholar 's demands, cognition and accomplishments and besides assist to place referral points against degrees within the National Standards. When I identify demands that need to be referred, I will hold to give the scholar information, advice and counsel to where they are being referred. This will be linked to Domain F which is about entree and progression- `` beginnings of information, advice, counsel and support to which scholars might be referred. '' This besides promotes the

Wayt ( 2008 ) explains that `` Assessing changing acquisition manners within a group and sing scholar 's motive and old experiences helps place assorted learning methods that could be utile throughout the programme. Sessions integrating ocular, audile and kinesthetic acquisition manners ensures pupils have equal rights to acquisition and supply the chance to re-evaluate what is already known while researching purposes and aims from a different position. ''

The initial appraisal will supply me with some of import item to inform the program, which will be revised on an ongoing footing to supervise the scholar 's advancement and place any subsequent support demands. Both learner and teacher will be cognizant of what the scholar knows and is able to make and what he/she needs to larn. It is besides of import for me and the scholar to cognize how the scholar likes to larn ; as this helps me to place barriers to larning such as troubles in reading, composing, numeral, linguistic communication accomplishments and any other disablements and will do sensible accommodations in order to utilize the appropriate appraisal methods that will run into the single scholar 's demands and promote equality and diverseness. At this phase, should any scholar require support which is beyond my competency, I will mention and guarantee that I give the scholar the right information on their referral, so as to run into the professional criterions in Domain F of the LLUK `` Sources of information, advice, counsel and support to which scholars might be referred.

This is in line with the Equal Opportunities Act ( 2004 ) which states that all scholars must hold equal entree to larning irrespective of their acquisition barriers, disablements, sex, faith, and race. Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 ( as amended by the Particular Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 ) disabled scholars must non be treated less favorably and instructors must do sensible accommodations to guarantee that handicapped scholars are non at a significant disadvantage compared to their equals.

Following the initial appraisal, I should make a diagnostic appraisal in order to place specific single demands and support required and this will take to the creative activity of a elaborate personal profile, supplying the footing for an Individual Learning Plan.

As an Assessor, I have bounds to this function. By making a thorough appraisal, I may place demands

that are beyond my competency and may necessitate to mention the scholar suitably. For illustration, if I identify that a Learner has fiscal demands, I may necessitate to mention the said scholar to the appropriate section. This in itself is assisting run into the scholar 's demand and adhering to the professional boundaries. It would be really unprofessional for a instructor to give money to a scholar to fund his/her instruction or acquire money from a scholar. This is to conform to the LLUK criterion in Domain A which states that `` Conform to statutory demands and use codifications of pattern and besides Domain F which says `` Boundaries of ain function in back uping scholars. '' And one of the professional codification of pattern introduced by the Institute for Learning ( IFL ) states that a instructor must protect the involvement of the scholars and the wider populace and any member of the Institute for Learning who breaches the codification will be capable to disciplinary probe as described by the disciplinary process.

Let me look at another function of a instructor.

As a instructor, I am a Planner, in that I plan appropriate, effectual, coherent and inclusive acquisition programmes that promote equality and engage with diverseness. This means I should be after for the usage of different learning methods and activities which are in line with the course of study demands and run into the demands of the scholars. These may be group treatments, oppugning etc. This is in line with the LLUK Standard Domains B and D - BK2.1 `` Principles of larning and ways to supply larning activities to run into curriculum demands and the demands of all scholars. '' DK 1.1 `` How to be after appropriate, effectual, coherent and inclusive acquisition programmes that promote equality and engage with diverseness. ''

Planning is a really of import function for me because it will direct or steer me in the bringing session. My planning will depend on the identified single demands, which will motivate me to utilize the appropriate instruction methods. This is because I am required to guarantee that the identified demands of my scholars are decently taken attention of in my planning procedure.

Without planning, I might non be able to run into the scholar 's demands and may non present in line with the course of study. This may ensue in de-motivation and dissatisfaction to both the scholar and I, as scholars will experience they have non been catered for and I will experience I have non played my function as a contriver.

In position of the on traveling appraisals, I am responsible for fixing the appraisals in such a manner that they meet the demands of single scholars and promote equality, diverseness and inclusion. In this instance, it is of import for me to utilize different appraisal methods such as formative and summational appraisals. These could be direct observation, unwritten inquiring, professional treatment, witness testimony of instance surveies. When this is done, I will hold met the LLUK Standard Domain E `` Theories and rules of appraisal and the application of different signifiers of appraisal, including initial, formative

and summational in learning and larning. '' It is portion of my duty to guarantee that scholars are involved in be aftering for appraisals. Learners should non be subjected to a `` surprise appraisal. '' I should ever affect them at the planning phase and be able to give them chances to do their ain suggestions and picks without seting them in state of affairss where they feel overwhelmed. This will give them a sense of ownership. This is in line with LLUK Standard Domain E `` Ensure that scholars understand, are involved and portion in duty for appraisal of their acquisition. '' The planning session should be able to run into the single scholar demands, by sing different resources that will advance just and effectual appraisal. For illustration, a instructor who is traveling to assessor a scholar at a topographic point of work must hold planned in progress with the scholar, who might hold suggested that it was better to make the appraisal in the forenoon because that is when a batch of activities take topographic point. If this happens, it is most likely that the scholar will experience at easiness and have a sense of fulfillment because he/she has been involved in the planning procedure and his/her demand met. This is linked to Domain E `` Apply appropriate methods of assessment reasonably and efficaciously. ''

A instructor is besides an Information Provider ( Lecturer ) . In mention to the Teaching/Learning rhythm, this function requires me to deliver/implement learning as planned and designed, inclusively to advance equality and diverseness.

Gay ( 2000 ) states that, `` It is really of import for instructors to appreciate the impact civilization has on larning. Furthermore, they must do their instruction good suited to the societal cultural contexts and frames of mention of ethnically diverse pupils. '' I must hence, take the distinction attack, to be able to offer a scope of attacks and resources to run into the demands of an person or a group of scholars. It is my duty to develop and bring forth instruction and learning stuffs appropriate for a scope of contexts, intents and mark audiences. Different scholars have different degrees of apprehension and cognition, and if I am to provide for their demands, I will hold to utilize different instruction tools, such as DVDs, press releases and practical presentations ( which must be referenced to the course of study ) When applied these instruction tools will advance equality, diverseness and inclusion and will hold the potency for linguistic communication, literacy, numeracy and information and communicating engineering for scholars and will do it easier for those who understand ocular, audile and kinesthetic acquisition. For illustration, a scholar who understands good when they see might necessitate to watch the picture to acquire understanding. This can be linked to Domain B of the LLUK Standards - `` Ways to guarantee that resources used are inclusive, promote equality and support. '' This can besides be linked to Bloom ( 1997 ) 's taxonomy where he separates out larning into three Spheres -

Cognitive sphere concerns our thought and memory and our capacity for

understanding. The psychomotor sphere trades with our abilities, the accomplishments that we have, what we can physically make. Affective sphere relates to our apprehension, i.e. our attack, our attitude to what we do.

I am besides responsible for doing the acquisition environment a safe topographic point to follow with the Health and Safety at Work Act ( 1974. ) This calls for hazard appraisals, which help to place any jeopardies that would impede acquisition. Harmonizing to Maslow 's pyramid, everyone demands to experience protected against any life threatening cause. This is besides in conformity with the LLUK Standard Domain B- which states that `` Ways to keep a acquisition environment in which scholars feel safe and supported. '' It is hence of import for me to keep safety in the acquisition environment and to do scholars be cognizant of their duties in keeping safety, as wellness and safety is everyone 's duty.

As a instructor, I have the function of a Mentor/ Counsellor in presenting the class.

I should be able to use appropriate instruction and acquisition schemes which take history of single scholar demands. When presenting the class, I must demo apprehension of the duties and boundaries of my ain function in supplying support for single scholars for illustration, signposting and /or mentioning on specializer services. Learners should be given information on where they can happen farther information, advice, counsel or larning proviso.

I besides need to guarantee that scholars understand the context of the class, for illustration the NVQ criterions, its application and part to the attention sector, the economic system and the community. It is hence, of import for me to go to standardization meetings in order to maintain abreast with current criterions in my specialist country, as required by the LLUK Standards Domain C `` Own specializer country including current developments '' and Domain C `` Ways in which ain specializer relates to the wider societal, economic and environmental context. ''

Gravells ( 2007 ) asserts that, `` scholars learn from each other every bit good as the coach. ''

To advance diverseness in my bringing, I must guarantee that there is engagement of all pupils in relevant activities, instead than excepting them for any direct or indirect grounds ( inclusively ) , as mentioned in the Tomlinson study. Teachers must ease acquisition environments which will advance civilization and cultural diverseness. Therefore, scholars from different cultural groups will be able to voice their cultural look in order to increase content and acquisition procedures.

The appraisal of scholar 's competency is an of import function of a instructor. I will measure what the scholar has learnt and will be responsible for happening out what methods of instruction and acquisition would be most appropriate for the scholar and to actuate the scholar to go on and to make better.

This can be achieved by utilizing formative and summational appraisals.

In relation to my country of learning - NVQs in Health and Social Care,formative appraisal is aimed to assisting the scholar go competent and fitting specific public presentation standard. This should be an on-going procedure, where regular tutorial Sessionss take topographic point, instructor following workplace observation and completing

of written undertakings. I am responsible for giving scholars constructive feedback on their public presentation, which will actuate them, particularly those that are diffident of their ain abilities. This can be linked to Domain E `` The function of feedback and oppugning in appraisal for larning. '' I am besides responsible for entering results of formative appraisal and maintaining these records updated and stored safely for confidentiality to conform to the LLUK Standard Domain A `` Keep accurate records which contribute to organizational processs. '' This will in bend give scholars a clear counsel as to what facets of public presentation they shall still necessitate to work on.

In position of the Data Protection Act ( 1998 ) , I must maintain all records within confidentiality understandings to follow with organizational policies and processs and besides to follow with the LLUK Standard Domain A `` The demand for confidentiality, regard and trust in pass oning with others about scholars. ''

Summational appraisal will take topographic point at the terminal of the acquisition, giving feedback on larning accomplishments, possibly a making, trial or a completed Individual Learning Plan. In relation to NVQs, summational appraisal will stand for a formal summing up of the scholar 's accomplishment on completion of a peculiar piece of work ; this may be at a completion of each unit. I will be responsible for doing a concluding opinion on the whole of a unit after doing a series of formative appraisals. This besides must be recorded as grounds to stand for the scholar 's competency at the clip of the summational appraisal.

A instructor has a function of an judge every bit good. It is my duty to do an appraisal of, or to judge what I have delivered. Evaluation will assist me to look back at how I delivered the acquisition and happen out what could be done otherwise.

I will necessitate to measure my ain pattern on a regular footing, such as my sentiments on the class and how it could be made better following clip.

Learners must be given the chance to measure the class - whether they achieved something, were the teaching stuffs plenty? Did the class meet single scholar demands? This will assist to better bringing in subsequent Sessionss.

In my function as NVQ Tutor/Assessor, I may necessitate to follow the constituted construction in topographic point, that means I need to be observed really measuring and giving feedback and so I will be given feedback on how I perform and how I could better. Some of the ways of acquiring feedback on my appraisal and instruction accomplishments could be, inquiring an experient co-worker to detect me, acquire feedback- formal and informal from scholars on different types of appraisals I use and how these can be improved. This can besides be done by composing contemplations to research and measure the different ways I assess, utilizing information from co-workers and scholars, every bit good as the existent experiences and consequences related to the appraisals I use with scholars. Brooding pattern will heighten good pattern and farther better what I do in my capable country. All this is in line

with the LLUK Standard Domain E `` The function of feedback in effectual rating and betterment of ain appraisal accomplishments. ''

Revising is about doing alterations based on the rating information and will enable uninterrupted betterments to be made. I am responsible for doing any alterations to the appraisal or learning methods that were non effectual to the scholars in order to run into their demands. This can be linked to Domain E `` The function of feedback in effectual rating and betterment of ain appraisal accomplishments. ''

A instructor is a research worker.

I should take duty to prosecute in go oning professional development to inform my pattern, as this is one of the Codes of Professional Practice. As a instructor, I need to make a batch of research by reading relevant books, utilizing the cyberspace, diaries, go toing preparation and other relevant beginnings to update my cognition. I am responsible for go toing Standardisation meetings to inform my pattern and to work in line with the specified criterions. I must take it upon myself to research and maintain my head focused to acquire cognition and apprehension.

Collaborating with others would assist to better my ain and team public presentation. This is in relation to the LLUK Standards in Domain A `` Ways to reflect, measure and utilize research to develop ain pattern and to portion good pattern with others. ''

There are boundarieswithin professional subjects. Teachers are non supposed to borrow money from scholars, neither are they allowed to impart money to scholars. It would be unprofessional for a instructor to be found in such a state of affairs. Teachers are besides reminded non to travel beyond their function by traveling to learner 's place for appraisal or scholar coming to teacher 's place for appraisal. All appraisals must take topographic point at the Centre and /or workplace. As a instructor, I must ever follow organizational processs in covering with issues such as ailments and entreaties and do mentions suitably, particularly where the issue is non within my competency.


Functions and duties are of import because they will advance answerability among instructors and will assist run into personal, organizational ends and single scholar demands. It would be thwarting if instructors lacked lucidity on their functions and duties because they would be stuck with who is making what and who replies to whom? When these functions and duties are applied, they benefit both the scholar and instructor, by presenting larning which is inclusive, and promotes equality and diverseness. Boundaries will assist instructors to work within their bounds and adhere to the professional codification of pattern. .

Wayt ( 2008 ) `` The duty of a instructor will be to continually reevaluate development and alteration during the class and make a seamless passage to guarantee smooth bringing. ''

This merely confirms the teaching/learning rhythm. I am responsible for guaranting that the rhythm is on traveling, by seeing to it that action programs are put in topographic point, constructive feedback is given to the scholar where necessary and the rhythm does non interrupt. This will increase the degree of motive, satisfaction and will assist to accomplish the ends for

both the scholar and me.

The instructor will besides be responsible for investing the scholars to the administration and class so that scholars understand what is expected of them and what the administration can present. This will besides assist the scholars to hold a clear apprehension of the organizational regulations and ordinances and besides of the class contents.

This is likely to ensue in scholars holding a good foundation for their class and be able to fix adequately.


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