Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager

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Project Managers are the ones responsible for making sure that that the team or group handling a specific project completes the task that they are supposed to accomplish. It is also the Project Managers’ task to create or develop a plan for the entire project. This project plan is developed with the help of the entire team, and the project manager is the one expected to manage the performance of the team, as well as the proper distribution and allocation of various tasks.

Another important job for the Project Manager is communicating, which includes reporting about the status of the project, management of risks, and solving issues which needs to be resolved in the team. All in all, it is the Project Managers’ task to make sure that the project will be finished right on schedule while observing a certain scope as well as a tight budget (Cornell University, 2006). The project that I chose which I do on a regular basis is cooking a meal. When applied on a project management setting, cooking a meal can be considered as a complex task which would greatly require planning.

As a project, cooking requires several important processes. These includes deciding what will be the

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meal to cook, gathering of the materials to be used in cooking the meal, the where and how will the meal be cooked, serving and eating of the meal, and the post-meal cleaning. For some, cooking may be considered as a short process of heating something up or boiling various edible materials, but actually, cooking starts even before you touch the ingredients. As a project manager, I am responsible for delivering the output: the cooked meal for my family.

I will be the one to take care of every process, because it is important in order to make sure that the meal that I will cook will be clean, healthy and delicious. The first part of the project, I need to determine the dish that I should cook for my family. In this part, I have to also consider their opinion on what meal I should cook. They will be consuming most of the meal, so it should be something according to their liking. There are times when I decide on my own which meal to cook, but there is the uncertainty that my family will not like it.

If this happens, there will be a lot of leftovers, thus leading to the failure of the project. The next part which I have to take care of as a project manager is gathering the materials to be used for cooking. This includes the cooking and eating utensils, as well as the ingredients for the project that I have to accomplish. When it comes to acquiring the ingredients for the meal to be cooked, I often have done some additional marketing when I don’t have any of the ingredients in the kitchen.

In this part, I have to be critical of what materials are to be used, focusing on their nutritional values and the taste of the final output. I also have to consider the cleanliness of the things that I will use in the project to keep those who will eat the meal away from harm. The next part which I have to oversee is the actual cooking of the meal. Here, as a project manager, I should decide on the manner of cooking the meal, whether it will be boiled, roasted, fried, and many more. This is important to achieve a palatable meal for the family, as well as produce a healthy dish for everyone to enjoy.

Another activity which I have to take care with the project is the serving and actual eating of the meal that I have prepared. It depends on what time of the day it is served, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or for dinner. I have to supervise the eating to make sure that they are all able to enjoy the meal, and to know their opinion on how the meal turned out to be. The final part of the project is the post-meal cleaning. I have to supervise on cleaning up all that were used in preparing the meal as well as the utensils used in eating it.

These include proper disposal of the wastes and the leftovers if there are any, and the washing of the dishes, kitchen and eating utensils. It is important to maintain cleanliness in the area to avoid infestations like cockroaches, ants, and even rodents. Since cooking is a team project, I have other team members who have important responsibilities that greatly affect the results of the project. In gathering the necessary materials to be used in the project, some team members assisted in buying it in the grocery.

I don’t have to be the one to personally gather the materials, all I have to do is direct them on what to buy or what equipments to gather, then the team can now move on to continue on the other steps of the project. The team members’ participation in deciding on what to cook is also important, since the output of the project will depend on them. As team members, they are responsible to determine which meal they would want to be served in their plates. The team members also provide sufficient help in the actual cooking of the meal.

I often ask them to wash the ingredients, including the vegetables, meat, and other materials which need to be cleaned. These team members are also there to check on the time of actually cooking the meal. They are responsible for executing various tasks I ask them to do, and producing the necessary outputs which I require them to come up with. These team members are expected to go along the project plan, which is about the meal that I am preparing. As members, they should all follow my instructions on how to do the project.

Under the Project Management Body of Knowledge, deciding on what meal needs to be cooked is under the Planning process. In this part, the project manager leads in brainstorming what the project should be about. This is crucial because this will be the main project plan, and everything will have to follow the path set in this process. The parts where the materials for cooking the meal are being gathered fall under the Initiating process. This is where the primary steps in cooking the meal are being taken, and this is through gathering the necessary tools and materials for the project.

With these things, the project could then proceed to the next steps. The actual cooking of the ingredients falls under the Executing process group, according to the PMBOK guide. This is where the actual cooking process is executed, with the application of various means in order to cook the meal. This includes using heat for boiling, roasting, baking, as well as the microwave oven to heat other meals. The serving and actual eating of the meals falls under the Controlling and Monitoring process group of the PMBOK guide.

As the project manager, I am able to control how much is served or how the meal is served. I am able to monitor how they eat, making sure they eat their vegetables in order to keep them healthy. The post-meal cleaning falls under the Closing process group of the PMBOK guide. This is the final stage of the project, which includes clean up of the materials used in the kitchen and the dining table. The project doesn’t end in its completion, the materials used in fulfilling and completing the project should be taken into consideration so that there won’t be any mess leading to problems afterwards.

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