Role of Youth in Pakistani Politics Essay

Overview of function of Pakistani young person in Politicss

If we look at the history of Pakistani political relations it has ever been dominated by few households and dictators. Common adult male has suffered at the custodies of blue bloods. and among those common work forces live the immature work forces and adult females. who are spoken extremely of! The history tells us that political parties have ever used the the young person to accomplish their political marks but looking at the bigger image. the function of young person in Pakistani political relations has ever been limited. Never has the true democracy be at the helm thanks to pervert and substandard political infra-structure. Work force with money. or shall we state. the large participants have ever dominated the political resort area.

Amid all the lip service. the young person has ever been used as political Equus caballuss. The “Kings” have used the Equus caballuss to well consequence but ne’er have they empowered the resilient armed work forces! Like pawns in a chess game. the male monarchs have used the young person to its benefit but ne’er allow it show itself. Sigh! In recent times. a hope arose in the form of Youth Parliament. It created optimism. a fresh moving ridge of breath. Young intellectuals were given importance. and it seemed eventually Pakistan was on the brink of revolution. An in-house revolution. that would alter the face of Pakistan on the political forepart. But the house ne’er realized its possible. It was suppressed under the might of the affluent Parliamentarians.

Quaid-e-Azam’s vision of Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam proverb young person as a major plus for the freshly created province i. e. Pakistan and repeatedly emphasized the function of young person in Pakistani political relations. He believed. young person was critical ingredient to take the state frontward. His expressions reflect that he saw the immature work forces and adult females as the leaders of the hereafter. “Pakistan is proud of her young person. peculiarly the pupils who have ever been in the head in the hr of test and demand. You are the nation’s leaders of tomorrow and you must to the full fit yourself by subject. instruction and preparation for the backbreaking undertaking lying in front of you. You should gain the magnitude of your duty and be ready to bear it. ” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In the visible radiation of his stating. it is a just appraisal that he had a different vision of Pakistan in comparing with what the state has become.

He clearly suggested that young person of Pakistan were to be regarded as a major plus. Our current political system is non merely sabotaged by the so called “54 families” . but there is non much hope that the current state of affairs would alter in the close hereafter. An allotment of 1. 6 % of entire GDP is a testimony of that! We highlighted the major defects in the instruction system of Pakistan. which need immediate addressing! It is critical that the blue bloods of the state understand the critical demand to better the current political and instruction state of affairs at federal. provincial. and local degrees. It is possibly the lone flight path available to travel off from the current economic. socio-cultural. and political crisis.

Despite the troublesome state of affairs. there has emerged another beam of hope. the coal had ne’er died. The elections are non far off and every party has started their election run. While the lone pleasant alteration in their runs this clip around is that all the political parties have realized the importance of young person. The political power-houses are aiming them on a really serious note. Imran Khan has been back-rolling his election run on the base of young person favored policy and he has to be credited for his policies and believing otherwise. Now is the clip for young person to take the duty and play their function to alter the conventional political system in Pakistan. So if we want to convey true revolution in Pakistan so our young person needs to take part and seek difficult to alter this system. We hope that it’s a start of a new epoch! A better epoch!

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