Role of Women in Politics in Pakistan Essay

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Eyes of everyone has caught her. You are born only to serve men, This barbaric world has taught her. ” But now things have changed and the conditions of women have been ameliorated to a great extent. Awareness, education, and life’s struggles have led women to shed their inhibitions. Great women leaders, artists, scientists, and other professional women have inspired other women to overcome social obstacles. Not only in these fields but even in the realm of politics, she has proven herself to be far more competitive than men.

If we come to Pakistan, the great Islamic Republic of the world, we will find that more than any other country, Pakistani women have turned out to be the most active in politics. Our country has the privilege to produce the first woman Prime Minister of the Islamic world. Our homeland has also produced the first woman speaker in National Assembly. Not only at present, Pakistani women have been working for the development of their country before independence. They took an active part in the struggle for Pakistan and finally they came off in their noble mission of achieving a separate homeland for Muslims.

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