Role of United States Constitution

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A Constitution is defined as the fundamental system of the law in a state that serves as the primary guideline for a governing land (“Constitution,” 2006). These entail the reach and limitation of power and control in the government. Moreover, a Constitution is also responsible for stating the link and relation of judicial, legislative and executive authority in the land (“Constitution,” 2006). Therefore, the constitution serves as the reference in the formation of a government (“Constitution,” 2006). In addition to this, the constitution is also in-charge of the specific service related to protecting the equal rights of people in the land.

This ensures fairness and equality in the government and in the entire land (“Constitution,” 2006). United States Constitution: A general background The Constitution of the United States is the organization of the primal law of the entire American land (Lieberman, 2006). It was established through the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia with fewer than 55 delegates responsible in its composition (Lieberman, 2006). In 1788, a year after the convention, formulation of the fundamental law was formally ratified as the new constitution in the entire land of the United States of America (Lieberman, 2006).

The U. S. Constitution entails the profound power and

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reach of the United States congress, federal courts and the president of the land (Lieberman, 2006). This is to ensure that partition of power and control will not be abused in order to take advantage of one government branch to another (). Also, the dissemination of authority serve as the primary method of checks and balance to maintain fairness and equality in the government (Lieberman, 2006). If the constitution states the power and control, it also defines the limitation of authority of the United States government in the land.

This is to guarantee the protection of the country’s democracy and freedom of the entire people of the United States (Lieberman, 2006). United States Constitution in Business Industry The above facts and information about the United States Constitution clearly shows that it serves a profound role in the formation of the American society from the time it was framed and ratified. Hence, the version of American federal constitution portrays a critical role in business regulation. From a personal, point of view, the United States Constitution would be the primary advocate and tool to effect fairness and equality in business industry.

This could be the primary reference to protect both the rights of American people and business sectors. For one evident instance, the United States Constitution and its Law serves to be the protector of human right. The monetary loan in the country is regulated and controlled by the United States constitution whereas there is a standard law set by the government. With this, the terms of payment and the interest rates of loan is well manned to ensure that both sides are equally served as set by the constitution.

Just recently, the United States was on a series debate whereas the subject is the new proposed legislation on 401(k) Debit Cards (Lieber, 2008). This is to improve the loan process in the land (Lieber, 2008). Moreover, such proposed legislation would serve as the new advantageous law for both United States citizen and the business sector in the land (Lieber, 2008). Nonetheless, this would serve as the essential law to ensure that there is no side of majority in such process, whereas equality between people and business authority is well disseminated (Lieber, 2008).

In the end, it is proven that the United States Constitution portrays a vital role in business regulation. This serves to be the primary means to effect fairness and equality that both rights of the people and businesses are well protected. Hence, the American Constitution is essential in business regulation as this would be instrumental in setting business standard and law. This is to ensure that businesses do not take their advantage over the American public. Nonetheless, the United States Constitution play the role to protect the rights of businesses against any unlawful acts.

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