Role of Technology in Banking Sector

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Since the only option is to adapt and evolve, it is essential that system have the flexibility to quickly adjust the need of today’s financial market. It’s a tough challenge, because today’s fast moving market place is also extremely competitive. More over the need to retain the existing customers and attract new ones often conflicts with the need to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency. But what ever the challenges facing in retail banking operations the technology which help the Bank through online banking system to meet the over come of them. Online banking system offers flexible, client server technology based on a scalable yester.

Its centralized, customer centric design to offers a complete set of integral retail banking modules sharing a user friendly interface. The modules are of two types 1 . Customer transaction module and 2. Employee transaction module. Customer Transaction Module : An enhanced atomized system is developed to maintain customer transaction. Features includes Creation of new banking customer Customer type – Current Account, Savings Account, Fixed Account Customer Creation Form. Existing customer details Customer Access Form Each customer login identified by Access Code and Account No. Banking Main menu option like.

Transaction – Debit, Credit, Transfer Customer Detail – Modify Details, Lock Customer. Freeze/Unfreeze Account Help – User Manual. Transaction Summary Account Closing maintain employee transaction. Features includes Customer Details Transaction Report Additional features User can withdraw amount from his account. User can credit the amount to the bank through cash or queue. User can also transfer money from his/her account to another’s account within the bank. He can view and modify his details. User can freeze/unfreeze his account. User can view his transaction report for particular month.

No interest is given on current account. In saving account 4% interest is given. In fixed account 4% interest is given for 45 days, 4. 5% is given for 3 months, 7% for 6 months, 9% for 1 year. Security of password Online Banking system is developed for automate the process of day to day transactions of any bank, its all the features need to operate of Banking procedures which includes the Core Banking Solutions : core banking solution is a comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution that effectively addresses the strategic and day-to-day challenges faced by banks.

It is highly parameterize providing that much-needed legibility to innovate and adapt to a dynamic environment. The solution has an integrated CRM module enabling banks to offer a rich and differentiated value proposition to customers. The layered Service Oriented Architecture (SOAK), Web-enabled technology and XX operations ensure multi- channel, multi-country and multi-currency implementations. The functionality-rich modules in the solution provide banks with a varied palette of features to continuously innovate on their product and service offerings.

From the services innovation perspective, Finance offers a comprehensive and unified customer episiotomy with capabilities to educate and empower customers.

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