Role of Students Essay

Students constitute a huge section of India’s population. They are immature and dynamic. They can play a major function in assorted developmental activities traveling on in the state. This can come about merely if their energies are channelised decently. During the freedom motion. Mahatma Gandhi. Pt. Jawahar Lai Nehru and other political leaders gave a lead to the pupils. The consequence was that pupils joined the battle for Independence in big Numberss.

India became Independent on 15th August. 1947. It seems that after India achieved Independence. pupils were left with no worth-while purpose. Students have been indulging in Acts of the Apostless of undiscipline and rowdiness in different universities. colleges and schools. This shows that the student-power is being misused for destructive intents. In fact. pupils lack proper counsel and good leading. There is no 1 to state them how they should utilize their energies for constructive intents.

Students played a important function during the pre-Independence epoch under the able leading of leaders and there is no ground why they can non play the same function in the post-Independence epoch for the improvement of the state and its people Every university. college and school is in the clasp of pupil undiscipline. Students hold mass meetings. phase presentations. behavior agitations and resort to work stoppages to press their assorted demands. They do non esteem even their ain instructors. They disobey the orders of college governments.

They go to the extent of taking the jurisprudence into their ain custodies. They do non save even the constabulary. All this adversely affects their surveies. But no one attentions for their hereafter. For this province of personal businesss. we can non fault the pupils entirely. Often. it is the political leaders of our state who incite the pupils against the governments. They exploit student-power for their ain political terminals. They do non gain that they are playing with the lives and callings of the pupils. In fact. pupils possess great power.

Because of the deficiency of able leading. they do non cognize how to utilize this power in the best involvements of the state. If there is a constricting and healthy leading. students’ power can be utilized for conveying about societal. economic and political reforms in the state. If the pupils respond to their responsibility towards their state. there is no uncertainty that they will go worthy citizens of a worthy state. There are a figure of ways in which pupils can function their state. First. pupils should instill in them the spirit of subject.

No state can come on without subject. If states like U. S. A. . U. K. . Germany. France and Japan have become advanced states. it is all due to the subject of their people. The Indian society suffers from a figure of societal immoralities. The worst is the immorality of dowery. Dowry deceases are taking topographic point about every twenty-four hours in all major metropoliss of the state. No uncertainty the Government has passed a jurisprudence by virtuousness of which giving or accepting a dowery has become an offense. But jurisprudence entirely is non plenty.

Students can assist to root out this immorality by taking a pledge that they will non demand or accept any dowery at the clip of their matrimonies. The pupils can besides assist in the remotion of other societal immoralities like child matrimony. casteism. untouchability. imbibing. gaming. etc. Another of import function for the pupils can be to work for National Integration. They should contend immoralities like communalism. casteism. linguism. regionalism. etc. They should believe of themselves as Indians first and Indians last.

Sometimes natural catastrophes like temblor. inundation. drouth. etc. afflict one portion or the other of our state ensuing in heavy loss of life and belongings. Students can supply alleviation to the afflicted people by raising financess for them and organizing alleviation plants. Students can utilize their huge cognition by supplying instruction to the nonreader. The pupils of today are the citizens of tomorrow. Thus the India of tomorrow belongs to the pupils. By executing a positive and a constructive function. pupils can do India strong and comfortable.

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