Role of Literature by Women

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“Literature must be an analysis of experience and a synthesis of the findings into a unity” (Morgan, 1994). Literature refers to a body of written works related by subject matter, by language or place of origin and the prevailing cultural standards of merit. Through various literatures, we are able to different cultures of people. The American literature regards the role of women in the society. We are able to know the traditional roles that women use to do. The American literature gives accounts of discoveries and exploitations in the new world. Differences in texts of men and women.

Perhaps the major difference between texts written by women and those written by men is the genre. While women writers are realists, men are fictionists. Women literature tends to center around moral aspects of society and social problems, male written preferred the abstract and fiction themes. Women written tackle issues on marriage, illnesses, health, moral and women liberation. Men use their writing to emphasize their dominant role in society by either stereotyping or using expressions and imagery that depict women as subordinate. Women use their nurturing and sentimental nature to express views on equality and morality.

Men on the other hand use their self-creating and

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self-comprehension to express views on how to solve problems around them. Male writers tend to characterize their characters as over emotional and irrational. Women writer portray women characters as strong, free and intelligent. Women writers pay attention to detail something the male counterparts learned with time. The language used differs as well. Male writer used elevated language that readers could not comprehend while women chose to use common eloquent language that readership can comprehend. It seems that genders differences go hand in hand with genre preferences.

While men prefer short stories, fiction and poetry women on the other hand choose non-fiction, novel and essay. Perhaps the difference comes in how our brains are wired. Women use more words to express points hence able to write long prose. Men have few words and prefer analytical subject matters hence fiction stories. However, these differences are closing up due of the gender equality and more exposure to literature. The men mostly talked about history and revolution. These texts also differ on the language because they use a variety of English. Realism “Realism is nothing more and nothing less than the truthful treatment of material. –William Dean Howells. (Editors study p. 966).

In the literary works of men and women, it appears difficult to align realism. Both men and women are associated with realism based on one’s argument as seen in the way both take the ordinary uninteresting events and characters and try to find meaning and value in them. However, women tend to have a greater degree of realism than the men do. The women’s movement This was a merger of women in the eighteenth century who started to fight for their rights. There were stereotypes on women and men’s roles in the society.

Men were the breadwinners of families and the decision makers while women’s role was in the domestic spheres. Women therefore decided to push for equality and participate in the political world. The women’s movement was characterized by change in the role of women to get more equality in the professional, legal and educational spheres. Women got more educated and laws were amended to give more power to women in terms of employment, voting, inheritance and custody over children after a divorce. However, the women movement was marred with instances of disagreement and differences in opinion.

Some women held that the movement was a disruption of the sanctity of the home. Others were not supportive of the way the way in which women liberation was going to occur. In addition, women still felt uncertain of their ability fight for equality. They felt vulnerable and inferior. The promoters of women’s movement were Elizabeth Cady, Lucretia Mott, Abigail Adams, Sarah and Angelina Grimkle who were activists of women rights. They portrayed courage in speaking against ills such as slavery, restriction of fundamental rights such as voting, testifying in court, and ownership of property and so on.

The women’s movement was not easy and it faced many objections from men who wanted to hold them down. However, the struggle paid off. Conclusion Today the role of women in the society has changed. Women can now vote and run for top seats. They do not remain at home instead; they go to offices to work. They are no longer submissive to their husbands and can pursue their careers. Indeed women’s movement has gained strength and they are never the same as they were before in the society.

Carrie Chapman Catt: After the Proclamation of the Woman Suffrage Amendment to the Constitution of the U. S. had been signed: “This is a glorious, a wonderful day. I have lived to realize the great dream of my life –the enfranchisement of women. We are no longer petitioners; we are not the wards of the nation, but free and equal citizens. ” “Women have suffered agony of soul which you can never comprehend, that you and your daughters might inherit political freedom. That vote has been costly. Prize it! ”(League of Women Voters of the Greater Dayton Area)

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