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Next Plc, Moss Bros Plc, Debenhams Pc and Burberry Plc belong to the huge competitors group for Ted Baker Plc. They are aiming to gather information, such as how much Ted Baker has in return from shareholders, how big their dividend payout ratio is, are there many people interested in investing into their competitors’ business and why? – ROCE ratio is applicable to competitors as it gives them a current figure of the financial status of the business. They could easily compare both figures and find a way in which they can increase their ROCE ratio.

Ted Baker is in a highly competitive market, where everyone’s main aim is to survive. On the other hand, Ted Baker is also an international company, which makes it even more risky. They have to carefully manage the business and use profit as efficiently as possible. – Gross Profit Margin is another ratio, which competitors will be extremely interested at. They will be able to highlight the Gross Profit made by that company and the level of sales. This ratio is very important for Ted Baker itself, as it hasn’t had a high level of increase, compared to 2008.

In order to boost it, they may need to figure out a decrease in expenses. Their administrative expenses have gone up from 17844 in 2008 up to 19204 for 2009. Operated expenses rose by 14. 8% to i?? 75. 9 m for 2009, where it was only 66. 2 m in 2008. The main reason for this increase is the distribution cost, which increased by 17. 4% for the past year. As stated above, trading internationally is very risky. Distribution costs are definitely something, Ted Baker Plc need to work on. – If competitors are experiencing labour problems, Sales revenue per employee is definitely something they will be interested at.

Ted Baker has also experienced a decrease in this area, reason being a decrease in cost of investment for share options granted to subsidiary employees by 266. Most obvious recommendation would be an increase in wages. – As stated, operating profit margin ratio is one of the most significant not just for the business or its shareholders, but for their competitors as well. By analysing the ratio, the competitors will be able to find out whether the business has had enough amount of operating profit and how this has affected their operations.

Even though Ted Baker Plc had a decrease of operating profit in 200917161, where it was 22142 in 2008, the business did not experience any dramatic losses. It is meant that high amount of profit is leading to bad management, therefore in 2009, Ted Baker have used their profit efficiently, without making any losses, as well as increasing profit. In future, if they need a higher operating profit margin ratio, they could decide to decrease either their sales revenue or increase operating profit. – Current ratio and acid test ratio are definitely one of the most important ratios which may even benefit the competitors of Ted Baker.

They are both used for the same reason, to calculate the profitability of a company. In terms of current ratio, Ted Baker has achieved great results, by going over the average. This is great achievements and competitors may even examine what was the reason, Ted Baker did so well. Contrasting to the current ratio, the acid test ratio figures were not as good. The company went under the limit ratio of 1:1. This is also something which competitors will find helpful as it will give a highlight of what leaded Ted Baker to these low figures and it will also prevent them from the same situation.

A recommendation would definitely be a decrease in inventories. In 2008, the inventories amounted at i?? 1,449. 000 a year later they increased to 5,923,000. – Competitors of Ted Baker Plc will be interested at the figure of borrowings. They would like to know how much the business has borrowed and more importantly, will they be able to pay back to their lenders. Unfortunately Ted Baker had a bit of a problem in 2008. They have had 22. 34% worth of borrowings, which is thought to be a high figure for this ration.

However in 2009, they have managed to bring down that percentage by more than a half, 10.21%. The decrease of operating profit has played a significant role in this ratio. To decrease even more that ration, Ted Baker Plc may need to decrease their reserves. – Dividend payout ratio. Competitors need to know whether the earning of Ted Baker are enough to pay dividends. Fortunately the ratio has increased significantly over the past year by more than 13%. There has been a slight increase in dividends paid 6,421,000 for 2008 up to 6,983,000 for 2009. If Ted Baker manages to decrease their dividends payment, then the dividend payout ratio will increase

– Earnings per share are also a very important aspect, which competitors of Ted Baker need to be aware of. They need to carefully examine what the company did, in order to maximise their share earnings as well. Ted Baker Plc managed to increase that figure by more than a half- 3. 09p for 2008 up to 6. 24p for 2009. The reason for this was the decreased number of ordinary shares. Decreasing ordinary shares is not a very good idea, as there may be people who are willing to invest into the business. An increase in investments, leads to more profit, which is a better way of increasing earnings per share ratio.

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