Robust Design

Environmental factors can have a negative effect on the quality of a product or service. The more resistant a design is to those influences,the less likely is a negative effect. The Degree of Newness Product or Service design change can range from the modification of an existing product or service to an entirely new product or service: 1 . Modification of an existing product or service 2. Expansion of an exalting product line or service offering. 3. Clone of a competitor’s 4. New product or Service. The degree of change affects the newness to the organization and the newness to the market.

For the organization and the newness can mean a fairly quick and easy transition to producing a new product,while a high level of newness would likely mean a slower and more difficult, and therefore more costly,transition. For the market, a low level of newness would mean little difficulty with market acceptance, but possibly low profit potential. A high level of newness,on the other hand, might mean more difficulty with acceptance,or It might mean a rapid gain in market share tit a high potential for profits-unfortunately, there Is no way around these Issues. T Is Important to carefully assess the risks and potential benefits of any design change,taking into account clearly identified customer wants. Customer Differences Product designers in companies that operate globally also must take into account any cultural differences of deferent countries or regions related to the product. This can result in different designs for deferent countries or regions,as illustrated by the following reading. Up. 140 Global Product Design

Traditionally, product design has been conducted by members of the design team who are located In one facility or a few nearby faceless. However, organizations that operate globally are discovering advantages In global product design, which uses the combined efforts of a team of designers who work in different countries and even on advantages over traditionalist’s as engaging the best human resources from around the world without the need to assemble them all in one place, and operating on a 24 her basis,thereby decreasing the time-to-market.

Advances in information technology have played a key role in the viability of global product design teams enabling team members to maintain continual contact with each other and to instantaneously share designs and progress,and to transmit engineering changes and other necessary information. In general, companies that perform product design can be classified into several categories. An Original Equipment Manufacturer(MOM) is a company that designs and builds a product based on its own specifications,and then sells it to another company for branding and distribution.

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