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Foreshadowing To indicate a future event by subtly mentioning it before it happens
Motif an element or idea that recurs in a piece of literature
Aside a side remark made on stage that the audience hears but not all characters on stage hear
Oxymoron using opposites to convey a deeper meaning about life
Metaphor A comparison not using like or as and saying 'something is something'
Paradox a statement that seems like it contradicts itself but is actually true
Dramatic Irony when the audience knows something that the other characters in the play do not
Soliloquy actors in a play speaking aloud to themselves and recalling feelings and emotions to the audience
Citing to quote a passage for evidence for an argument
Simile a comparison of two unlike things using like or as
Hyperbole an extreme exaggeration to prove a point
Apostrophe the act of addressing something abstract that is not physically present
Pun a play on words
Theme a recurring idea and point of emphasis (Themes are Old vs Young, Haste makes waste, fate is predetermined)
Star-crossed lovers doomed to disaster by fate
Romeo Montague one of the protagonists, he falls in love with Juliet, he marries her but is forced to flee the city after killing Tybalt, following friar laurence's plan he goes to Juliet's tomb where he thinks she is dead and drinks poison to kill himself
Lord Montague Romeo's father, enemy of the Capulet's
Benvolio the nephew of Romeo's father/ Romeo's cousin

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