Risk assessment in relation to infection prevention and control undertaken

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I’ve got a Health and Safety risk assessment at Rotherham College Arts and Technology in a staff room. I’m going to review it good and bad points about it and anything could improve.

I think it has worked as it’s on notice board and they review it regularly now and then to ensure it has worked or anything needs improving. Plus, not many accidents have happened in the staff room this shows that the risk assessment has worked.

The good points about this risk assessment because it’s nice and specific on the points you need to be aware. It is set out in grids and showing people whether the risks are high, medium or low. It also shows the person’s name that carried about the risk assessment and the date has been viewed.

There aren’t many bad points as the risk assessment is set to protect staffs or pupils who enter in the staff room.

The purpose of having risk assessment in every place or organisations in the society is to protect everyone who works there. Informing them what can be a risk to them and how it can be reduced. This can prevent people having accidents at work such as, tripping and falling. Which in some cases it can lead to death.

If they don’t maintain good personal hygiene and touches the surfaces where food are going to be kept then the bacteria will spread to the food and can cause the person some serious illness. And if food is kept at the wrong self at the wrong temperature it can cross contaminate and let bacteria to multiply and spread quicker and much more. That is why is important to let staffs to be aware of this.

If a staff had a disease they should report to the manager informing them so they can inform the Health and Safety Executive because it comes under the RIDDOR. Reportable diseases include:

* certain poisonings;

* some skin diseases such as occupational dermatitis, skin cancer, chrome ulcer, oil folliculitis/acne;

* lung diseases including: occupational asthma, farmer’s lung, pneumoconiosis, asbestosis, mesothelioma;

* infections such as: leptospirosis; hepatitis; tuberculosis; anthrax; legionellosis and tetanus;

* Other conditions such as: occupational cancer; certain musculoskeletal disorders; decompression illness and hand-arm vibration syndrome.

In general, I’ve review a Health and safety risk assessment discussing the purpose of having a risk assessment and why it’s important to stick to it as its part of the law. Plus it helps to reduce infection at workplace.

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