Rising action and Climax Falling Action Definition Essay

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Rising Action – Is a series of events and actions where conflict increases and moves the story to a climax.

Exposition (Inciting Incident) – The background information that is needed to understand the story is provided, such as the main character, protagonist, antagonist, the setting, the basic conflict, and so forth.

Conflict – A struggle between opposing forces; the driving force of a story.

Climax Falling Action – The turning point in the story.

Falling Action – The conflict unravels with the main charactor either winning or losing and loose ends are tied up paper writer.

Resolution (Denouement) – The conclusion of the story; how the conflict is resolved

Protagonist  – The main character in a story; the character the reader is meant to identify with.

Antagonist – The counterpart to the protagonist; the source of the story’s main conflict

Internal Conflict – When the portagonist struggles within him/herself
Example: Man vs Self

External conflict – When the protagonist struggles against someone/thing else
Example:: Man vs Man, Man vs Society, Man vs Nature; Man vs Fate

Main 2 types of conflict – internal and external

5 subgroups of conflict – 1. Man 2. Society 3. Nature 4. Fate 5. Self

Anthropomorphism – attributing human characteristics to an animal
Example: Mickey Mouse who is given the ability to sing and dance

Simile – A comparison using like or as
Example: He is as hungry AS a horse

Metaphor – A comparison without using like or as
Example: You are a lifesaver

Personification – giving human characteristics to non-living things or ideas.
Example: An author describing the sun smiling

Hyperbole – purposeful exaggeration for effect
Example: you are so hungry you could eat a horse

Alliteration – Repetition of initial consonant sounds
Example: winds whipping wildly

Onomatopoeia – A word that imitates the sound it represents.
choo choo, bang bang

Oxymoron – A form of paradox that combines a pair of opposite terms into a single unusual expression.
Example: living dead, crash landing

Idiom – A common, often used expression that doesn’t make sense if you take it literally.
Example: Cost me an arm and a leg

What does exposition mean in language arts? What is a rising action in a story? Definition of falling action in a story

  • Julia flew to New York to visit family… Exposition
  • Julia starts to tell her story in the museum… Rising Action
  • Julia and her brother meet the prospectors… Rising Action
  • Daniel finds bones… Rising Action
  • Give letter for Crow to Sy… Rising Action
  • Hump comes and Daniel and Jarvis try to cover up bones… Rising Action
  • Daniel meets Hump and Amba… Rising Action
  • Julia remembers why she came to New York (squirrel in attick)… Rising Action
  • Daniel dies by getting struck by lightning… Climax
  • Pa finds out about the bones… Climax
  • Pa gets Hump off the farm… Climax
  • Julia + Jarvis = LOVE! Climax
  • Hump finds the bones… Climax
  • Amba kills Hump… Climax
  • Howard Crow comes and starts to dig up the bones… Falling Action
  • Crow takes the bones : ( … Resolution
  • Julie “dies”… Resolution

More examples of falling/rising actions.

  • Bill and Sam decide to orchestrate a kidnapping.
    “The Ransom of Red Chief” Exposition
  • Greg’s dad fusses at him about his math grades.
    “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” Rising Action
  • Bill and Sam receive Ebenezer’s note demanding money. – “TRORC” Climax
  • The narrator creeps in on the old man for many nights in a row. – “The Tell-Tale Heart” Rising Action
  • The narrator tells the reader about his hatred for the eye. – “TT-TH” Exposition
  • Bill and Sam discuss what to do after they receive Ebenezer’s reply. – “TRORC” Falling Action
  • Greg decided his life is pretty good. – “TTOLB” Resolution
  • Squeaky tells the reader about her running and her responsibilities regarding Raymond. – “RR” Exposition
  • Squeaky and Gretchen smile at each other and the reader infers that they will become friends. – “RR” Resolution
  • The thugs try to hurt Lemon, and Lemon and Greg must fight them off. – “TTOLB” Climax
  • Lemon shows Greg his treasure. – “TTOLB” Falling Action
  • The police knock on the door. – “TT-TH” Climax
  • The narrator tells on himself about the murder. – “TT-TH” Falling Action
  • Bill and Sam return Johnny to Ebenezer, pay him $250, and run for their lives. – “TRORC” Resolution
  • The reader is introduced to Charlie and learns that he is “slow” and is being considered for an experiment to make him more intelligent. – “FFA” Exposition
  • Algernon dies. – “FFA” Climax
  • Charlie has the operation. – “FFA” Rising Action
  • Charlie becomes smarter. – “FFA” Rising Action
  • Charlie and Miss Kinnian fall in love. – “FFA” Rising Action
  • Charlie reverts back to his former intelligence level. – “FFA” Falling Action
  • Charlie goes back to Miss Kinnian’s class for slow adults. – “FFA” Falling Action
  • Charlie realizes that his “friends” were always making fun of him. – “FFA” Rising Action
  • Charlie decides to leave town and leaves a good-bye note for Dr. Strauss, Dr. Nemur, and Miss Kinnian. – “FFA” Resolution

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