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Ergonomics is about how people, based on their physical capabilities, can best organize and conduct their activities. The word ergonomics may best be explained as ‘the adaption of the environment to man’. Ergonomists conduct research into work strain and working posture as well as work settings in organizations. The entire context in which you perform your work is important. This means that attention is not only paid to what you are capable of, but also to the point where you go beyond the boundaries of your own ability.

The aim is to have the work physically conducted with as little strain as possible, so that you have maximum energy for your work and other things you find important. In addition the work should be conducted efficiently. In other words, the point is to achieve as much as possible with minimum effort, in a way that is healthy, safe and pleasant, i. e. you must feel comfortable doing it. To summarize, ergonomics includes the knowledge of how work can be organized and conducted in an efficient and healthy way.

The word ergonomics may best be explained as ‘the adaption of the environment to man’. Nevertheless, these efforts to institute a yoke between man and environment are at present unacceptable because equipment has a superb role in connection with ergonomics. Therefore, the intention of this learning is to elaborate and cite the significance of ergonomics not only to man-environment relation but also the inclusion of the word equipment like furniture. And these papers describe and analyzes the significance of ergonomics in furniture making to its superior comfort ability and efficiency.

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