Review Questions: Marketing Communication Process

The ads can attempt to sell the product Itself, the product’s reputation, or the company’s philosophy. What Is meant by noise and how might It affect an advertiser’s efforts? Noise Is anything that interferes with the sponsors message. It can keep advertisers from knowing if their message is received, or it can keep their message from being interpreted in a positive way, What are the three major functional areas of business? Which function is closely related to advertising? The three major functional areas of business are operations, finance and administration, and marketing. Marketing is the function most closely elated to advertising.

In addition to consumer advertising, what specific form of business advertising would a pharmaceutical company likely employ? Pharmaceutical companies would likely employ business advertising as well, in a sense. They market to doctors who can then upscale their drugs to consumers. What are the four elements that compose a company’s marketing strategy and how do they affect the type of advertising a company uses? The four elements that compose a company’s marketing strategy are target audience, geographic area, medium, and purpose. Aspects such as the age of the target audience may affect what medium is used.

Older generations may be marketed to through newspapers, while younger generations are marketed to online. Geographic location may affect medium as well; advertisers in New York or other areas that use a lot of public transportation may market through ads on subways or buses. What Is the purpose of awareness advertising? Awareness advertising Is used to create an Image for a product and to position It competitively with the goal of getting readers or viewers to select the brand next time they shop. It is more consumer-centric. It feels more personal to consumers and allows companies to establish a relationship with consumers.

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