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In April 1992, when a largely white jury acquitted four constabulary officers accused in the videotaped whipping of a black automobilist, 1000s of people in Los Angeles, chiefly immature black and Latino males, joined in what has frequently been characterized as a race public violence. In the summer of 2001, cultural public violences occurred on the streets of towns and metropoliss in the North of England ( Oldham, Leeds, Burnley, Bradford ) , affecting immature British Asiatic work forces and immature White British work forces. More late, in November 2005, public violences emerged in Paris ‘ suburbs, sparked by the inadvertent deceases of two Muslim adolescents, and so distribute to 300 Gallic towns and metropoliss. Most of the rioters were the French-born kids of immigrants from Arab and African states, a big per centum being Muslim. These race and cultural public violences have all late placed the issue of racial and cultural individuality at the head of political argument in the United States and in Europe. In this paper, we endeavour to discourse many issues particularly on gender issues, relationship issues, household issues, impression of beauty, adult females in athleticss and migration issues. The manner the characters behaved and how the other characters behaved towards them portrays the subject and the issues involved.

Gender issue is portrayed through Indian beliefs every bit good as Western beliefs. The traditional impression that misss should non be involved in athleticss existed in both the Indian household every bit good as the England household. This can be seen in both Jesminder ‘s household every bit good as Catherine ‘s household where their female parent ‘s strongly discouraged them from playing association football as association football is meant merely for the male childs. Both female parents can non digest the thought that their girls are playing and basking association football therefore all sorts of comedies ensued because of the differing thoughts female parents and girls have. Through gender issues, the traditional impression of beauty is besides depicted. Anything that is ugly has to be hidden while things that are non of societal norms are frowned upon. For illustration, in the Indian household, Jesminder ‘s female parent was shocked that her girl would uncover her cicatrixs merely to have on trunkss to play association football. Indian misss are supposed to cover up their organic structures and must non dress up like the male childs.

Jesminder ‘s female parent besides does non desire Jesminder to play association football because it causes her to go dark and therefore she is non beautiful. This perceptual experiences cause Jesminder to set on a fa & A ; ccedil ; fruit drink. In forepart of her household members, she dressed up like a duteous Indian girl. Behind them, she strips to her New Jersey and trunkss in order to prosecute her passion. Hilarity is created through such perceptual experiences and the things done by Jesminder to ‘bend ‘ the regulations and yet look to be a duteous girl in her parent ‘s eyes. As for the England household, Catherine ‘s female parent wants her girl to be ladylike. It is extremely amusing when female parent and girl went shopping and the female parent insists that her girl wears a push-up bandeau. This typical impression on how misss should doll up is extremely amusing as the female parent is implementing her girl something that she is non. This shows that the tradition impression of beauty non merely exist amongst the Indians but the England people every bit good.

Issues on homosexuals and sapphism have besides been touched on in this film. Homosexuals and sapphism is non accepted in both societies. For illustration, Jesminder ‘s male best friend confesses to her that he likes David Beckham. The issue on him being homosexual is kept muted amongst them as being Indians ; they are non supposed to travel against societal and traditional norms by going homosexual. Lesbianism is touched upon when Catherine ‘s female parent assumed that Catherine and Jesminder are sapphic twosomes. Due to her overreactions, mirth was created. This shows that Indians still lodge to their traditional civilization whilst England people are non that advanced in their thought either.

The traditional issue on matrimony still exists amongst the Indian characters in this film. Pinky ‘s fellow broke up their battle merely because Jesminder, Pinky ‘s sister, was seen embracing an England male child. This shows the unfairness that befalls on Pinky for something she has non done. To rise the amusing consequence, the ‘boy ‘ Jesminder was embracing is really a miss. Catherine was mistaken to be a male child merely because she has short hair. Once once more, the traditional impression of beauty on how misss ‘ hair length should be creeps in. Jesminder besides refuses to inform her household that her England manager is her fellow for fearing that her parents could non accept the thought. Thus this shows that they are still traditional. Apart from gender issues, household issues and relationship issues, migration issues besides play a big function in this film. Their house is a symbol to demo how the Indian household has assimilated to the England society. The semi-detached house is a contemplation of how the household has blended into England while at the same clip continuing their cultural roots and background. The occasional visible radiations displayed on the house show the difference of the household compared to the remainder of the vicinity. However, this difference has besides been accepted by the society at that place as the visible radiations gave out a beautiful consequence.

This movie besides examines adult females who must explicate their pick to take part in a athletics, which traditionally work forces merely competed in. It was noted that how a adult female who plays association football and enjoyed it vastly and even dreamt of playing professionally, had to get the better of the traditional thoughts of her household in order to accomplish what she wanted the most. It presents a myriad of complex issues and nowadayss them in a manner that is appealing and exciting. In this movie, adult females in athletics is an issue, but one that has come far in the history of adult females and sport-now, at least in association football, adult females can and make play professionally and that is non an odd or singular thing. Womans are now able to play athleticss ; nevertheless, there are still obstructions and stereotypes which the characters still come into contact with and cover with on a day-to-day footing. Jules, one of the chief characters, has to populate with her female parent who tries so difficult to do her more feminine ; while Jess, the chief character, must populate with the traditional impressions and experiences of her household.

It can be said that “ Bend It Like Beckham ” truly presented a more realistic illustration of the obstructions that adult females face, by looking specifically at one person and her specific fortunes. It allows for a state of affairs in which Jess must contend for what she believes in and seek to travel her ain household frontward. This movie besides brought in inquiries of non lone muliebrity but besides gender issues and gender dealingss, and what it means to be a adult female playing athleticss today. There are still stereotypes and ideals about adult females that are non needfully written in rock any longer, and it appears that we can look frontward to a hereafter where those stereotypes may no longer be so profoundly imbedded.

The households learnt to absorb into England ‘s civilization through their kids ‘s experience. Pinky ‘s ability to happen an Indian hubby and traveling on with her life creates satisfaction amongst her household members. This shows that they belong in the society. Jesminder ‘s accomplishments in her Angstrom Levels scrutinies and her ability to measure up in an England association football squad for misss besides show that assimilation and credence has taken topographic point. The amusing consequence that was produced in this film reflects the things that occur in the society and shows how the society adapts to it. The Indian household managed to continue their traditional and cultural roots despite being far off from India. Westerners are besides non spared from traditional thought.

We conclude that intense signifiers of cultural individuality and socialisation appear to be formed in societal contexts in which the minority cultural trait is largely “ threatened ” either straight by the actions of the bulk group or indirectly merely by being exposed to the interaction with the bulk norm of behavior in a assorted vicinity. Bend It Like Beckham ‘ is all about a immature miss ‘s hunt for cultural individuality in the twenty-first Century England.


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