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The technology to build a website for any organisation is an essential business decision. Various different technologies exist, but several things need to be considered when choosing a specific technology for a particular business. The options available for bestlaptops. com are web developer tools, such as the use of PHP scripting language or using a Flat pack ASP solution, such as Shopcreator. The technology that would most suit the needs of bestlaptops. com is Flat pack ASP solution.

This is chosen over the web developer solution for a number of reasons. Firstly, it fits in perfectly with the company, as it is a family run business that has no IT experts. If they were to go with a web developer tool then the company would need to bring in contractors and programmers to create and maintain the site. All upgrades and other specialist software installations would also need to be carried out, and a solid IT infrastructure would need to be in place, leading to higher costs.

With a flat pack ASP (Application Service Provider) solution, all the necessary updates will be done by the ASP, giving bestlaptops. com the opportunity to focus on their core competencies rather than worrying about the IT human resources. Application is not effective if it is not available to users and management when they need it. Since hosted applications run over the Internet, they are not well known for their reliability, performance and uptime.

[Kearney, 2002] Despite this cost and other drawbacks, the company feels it is cheaper to let ASP sort everything instead of having to erect an IT infrastructure. Secondly, it will help me enhance my knowledge of the technology, which would be an excellent addition to my skills. I have had good experience of using PHP and have successfully created a fully functional e-shop with basic functionality.

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