The set of business activities that add value to products and services sold to comsumers for their personal or family use; includes products bought at stores, through catalogs, and over the Internet, as well as services like fast-food restaurants, airlines, and hotels.
Selling in more than one channel (e.g., stores, Internet, catalog).
LO 1 What are the issues manufacturers consider when choosing retail partners?
* Manufactures must consider where, when, and in what form customers expect to find their products.
* Manufacturers must consider their channel stucture and the characteristics of the members of the channel.
* Manufactures must determine the distribution intensity they prefer: extensive, intensive, or selective.
Factors for Establishing a Relationship with Retailers (X4)
*Chossing retail partners
* Identifying types of retailers
* Facilitating retail strategy
* Managing a multichannel strategy
Choosing Retailing Partners
* Channnel Structure
* Customer Expectations
* Channel Member Characteristics
* Distribution Intensity
Channel Structure
Customer Expectations
Channel Member Characteristics
Distribution Intensity X3
Part of choosing a retail partner
* Intensive distribution
* Exclusive distribution
* Selective distribution
Intensive distribution
* strategy designed to get priducts into as many outlet as possible.
* wants product to be available everywhere
Exclusive distribution
* only selected retailers can sell a manufacturer’s brand
Selective distribution
* lies between the intensive and exclusive distribution strategies, uses a few selected customers in a territory

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