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We are a group of four business students who started a business called “6 Down” and we are going to create a soft drink for the Coca Cola Company. Coca Cola currently owns 4 of the world’s top 5 non alcoholic sparkling beverages brands. It also offers nearly 400 brands in more than 200 countries and sells more than 2800 products worldwide. The drinks are mainly sold in supermarkets but also in corner shops and off license stores. The prices are: between 35 and 50 pence per can and between 70 pence and 1. 00 per bottle.

We will then be selling the drink in and around Uxbridge. Our target customers are Youngsters, long distance drivers, sports people, etc. The major competes are other energy drink and soft drink companies. The Coca Cola Company currently promotes itself by TV adverts, Newspapers, Radios, Cinemas, Bill Boards and other advertisement methods. In order to create the fizzy drink we will have to identify different types of consumers first.

Therefore, we have decided to create questionnaires to collect the results we need.We have individually thought of questions we will state on the questionnaires to find out the information we need. We will collect the results in our break times from 12 to 1 pm in the town centre of Uxbridge and in both shopping centres (Pavilions and the chimes). We decided to carry out the research in these locations since we believe that these are the places to find our target customers. After we have collected the results we will create a table and eventually a bar chart to show the collected data more clearly.

Some other information we will also need to find out are: How many people aged between 15-25 live in Uxbridge Which soft drink is sold the most in Uxbridge We decided to use the secondary research method in order to find out what we need. This is because these questions can be answered by an already existing database (websites). I have analysed my group members’ secondary researches. By one of the researches we have found out that the UK drinks industry is now worth 49. 5 billion.

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