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Electronics, and Small Arms Repair Shop in building 21267, in room number 125 is designated as a restricted area. This f agility is designated as a restricted area because it protects classified defense information, safeguards proper arty and Sensitive items.

All personnel with or without a valid security clearance who needs access to the e Restricted Area will the be escorted unless authorized by the F Co. 125 Brigade Support Battalion Commander, COP Kevin E. Solomon. 2. The Restricted Area Violations goes as follows: a. Any person may be searched per AR 190 30. Any notes, photographs, sketches, pictures, maps, or other material describing the restricted area may be seized. B.

Persons who enter a restricted area without authority will be brought immediately to the proper authority for questioning. The person(s) will be advised of their rights per AR 190 30, Appendix C, and questioned without unnecessary delay. If the person is unaware of the restrictions, and neither acquired nor intended to ace Eire knowledge of sensitive or classified information by entering that area, he or she will be warned a mains reentry and escorted from the area. D.

If it appears that a person either knowingly enters the restricted area or may have AC squired or intended to acquire sensitive or classified information, the following actions will be TA ken. 1 . Persons subject to UCM will be turned over to his/her commander or the proper military law enforcement for possible actions. 2. Persons not subject to UCM will be taken without delay to the proper civilian law enforcement officials.

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