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Free newsletters, articles, internet web pages and even seminars are the order of the day. (Resources for Entrepreneurs, 2006). Foreign embassies within your own country are also relatively easy to access and should be able to provide you with much of the information that you require (Gaebler Ventures, 2001 – 2006).Setting up an international network is also a very effective way of getting to know foreign cultures (About, 2006). Anthropologists have discovered that the best way to really get to know another society and its culture is to live in it as an active participant rather than simply an observer (O’Neill, 2002 – 2006). It’s said that it’s not always what you know but who you know which will help you pick up the information you need to know (Hill, 1998 – 2001).

Technology itself, such as Bluetooth, can be used in the breakdown of cultural barriers.(Cross Roads Arabia, 2006) In conclusion, we can see that by the above examples, discussion and research it is proven that the statement that culture, not marketing, is the greatest block to international entrepreneurship is true in all fields, including entrepreneurs with small, medium and large businesses. Culture can range from small aspects of day to day beliefs such as religious and familial preferences, to large aspects imposed by governments of countries, such as the policy of apartheid.Aspects of culture can prevent the entrepreneur wanting to do business with those from other cultures, and those from other cultures wanting to do business with him.

It can also provide the rest of the world with an image of the country whereby international traders judge the country – such as the example whereby PayPal does not allow payments from South Africa. Such a thing can be the final nail in the coffin for the owner of a small business. Finally, a culture of entrepreneurship can be bred and encouraged by all leaders of countries in order to alleviate unemployment, poverty and all other aspects of human life that accompany this.Technological advances in all fields such as computers, cell phones, telecommunications, coupled with new mindsets among the younger and more open minded generations within populations are geared towards this outcome.

Broadmindedness is called for in the success of entrepreneurship. For example, international marketing scholars should be open to using frameworks developed elsewhere (Toyne, 1997). Therefore, whilst culture is the greatest barrier to entrepreneurship, it can be overcome. Abstract Use as many key words as possible in your abstract.

Limit its length to 960 characters. For an empirical study, use 100 to 120 words to describe the problem, participants, method, findings, and conclusions. For a theoretical or review article, use 75 to 100 words to state the article’s topic, thesis, scope, sources, and conclusions. Define all abbreviations and unique terms. Spell out names of tests and drugs; use generic drug names. Use paraphrases, not quotations.

Conserve space by using abbreviations; express numbers as digits. Your Title Goes HereThis template contains pre-settings for the essential features of APA format: margins, indentations, font, line spacing, and widow/orphan control, as explained in The Research Process (pp. 160, 196-97). To use this template, select “File–Save As” and save the template under a new name. Then use type-over insertions to replace the header, information block, and title. Finally, replace the text in the body of the template by using type-over insertions, or delete the body text in blocks.

(Hint: Leave the sample block quotation in place to preserve its paragraph indentation as a model.Use type-over insertions in the bibliography to preserve the hanging indentations. ) Here, then, is a sample block quotation: A quotation that occupies more than four typed lines should be indented five spaces from the left margin. In a student paper, a block quotation may be single or double spaced, without quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quoted material. Its right margin should be set at 1″.

Its parenthetical citation should be placed after the block’s last item of punctuation. (Smith, 1988, p. 16) I suggest printing this template to make sure that your printer is properly configured to produce an APA page.It should produce no more than 27 lines per page, plus the header. The text block should be surrounded by 1″ margins on all four sides.

Each page should have a manuscript page header, not to be confused with the “running head” described in the APA Publication Manual (sec. 5. 15).References About, 2006, “Business Networking for Entrepreneurs” retrieved 10 Aug 2006 from the website http://entrepreneurs. about.

com/od/businessnetworking/ Allbusiness, 2006, “Important Laws for Small Business” retrieved 9 August 2006 from the website http://www. allbusiness. com/articles/StartingBusiness/385-25-1810. html, 2006, “Glossary – South Africa”, retrieved 9 August 2006 from the website http://reference. allrefer.

com/country-guide-study/south-africa/south-africa149. html Becker, 1999 “Culture and International Business”.The Haworth Press Bized 2006 “International Trade: Trade Barriers, Freeing Up Trade and the Work of the WTO” retrieved 10 Aug 2006 from the website http://www. bized. ac. uk/educators/16-19/business/external/lesson/inttrade.

htm Carter, Pearson and Peng, 2006 “Logistics barriers to international operations:The case of the People’s Republic of China” retrieved 10 Aug 2006 from the website http://www.findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_qa3705/is_199701/ai_n8758129 Crossroads Arabia, 2006, “Saudi Phones Breaching Cultural Barriers” retrieved 9 Aug 2006 from the website http://xrdarabia. org/blog/archives/2006/08/06/saudi-phones-breaching-cultural-barriers/ Dawisha, 2004, “Iraq: Setbacks, Advances and Prospects” retrieved 9 Aug 2006 from the website http://muse.

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eu/enterprise/entrepreneurship/craft/craft-minorities/minorities. htm. 

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