Resources for developing and implementing wellness programs

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This topic will discuss how a company actually goes about in developing a comprehensive wellness program for its employees. Providing wellness services depends on the needs of a company so it is necessary to first asses the needs associated with the wellness program. The need is determined by the medical, illness and compensation records of employees that how much the company has been spending on the health costs of its employees and how much more it is likely to spend. This can be done through medical screening programs or by simply asking them questions and assessing the risk.

If the company feels the necessity of a wellness program then a person should be appointed for heading and administrating the program. The administrator will be responsible for identifying the financial and other resources needed by the program. The organization must look at its budget and then allocate some of its resources for the wellness of the employees. They must also pay attention to the long-run benefits resulting out of these programs. A firm needs resources for developing and implementing wellness programs in their organization.

A majority of the organizations have also started to trend to turn to different

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successful companies for providing wellness services to their staff (Anderson & Kaczmarek, 2004). A good way to start is to consult different hospitals, medical associations and companies who have well recognized corporate wellness programs so that guidance is obtained from them in constructing an effective wellness program. The next important thing to do is to make the employees aware about the program and develop their interest to involve in it.

The program should be explained to them completely as well as the benefits and advantages should be pointed out. Employees should be involved in it for the program to become successful. The program should start with assessing the employee’s risk. This can be done by checking their weight, body mass index, monitoring cholesterol levels and measuring blood pressure. This sort of assessment will determine which employees are exposed to more risk and which are exposed to lesser risk because both involve different sort of services.

The employees are informed about their health risk assessments so that they can analyze and evaluate their health based on their family history as well as personal practices. Wellness programs revolve around increasing the knowledge of the employees about healthier lifestyle practices so that they can manage their health life accordingly. The main aim is to increase the employees’ awareness about better health practices which they should incorporate in their daily life. This awareness if provided through lectures, workshops, newsletters, different programs and activities so that they lead a healthy life.

They are also informed about the symptoms of various diseases so that if they come across any during their life, they can immediately report to a doctor (Anderson, 1999). The company continues to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs by analyzing the work performance of their employees so that they can determine whether the program is meeting their needs or not. The important task employees’ face is not in changing the lifestyle but to retain it forever so that they can avoid future health problems. Companies should assist and encourage employees for making such changes so that they are able to retain it forever (Parkinson, 1982).

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