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The experience I had on conducting my first research was good. However, the process was tiresome as the research heavily relied on interviews. I used a qualitative method in examining feelings, emotions, and attitudes. Additionally, I chose to conduct research on this particular topic to help me draw from my experience, which is more representative. 

Through the research I did, I have learned various things including knowing the real meaning of research. Furthermore, through the research, I found out different skills that I believe will help me in my future studies. Additionally, from my experience, I also learned that research requires patience and passion. For instance, conducting interviews makes one meet different kinds of people. Therefore, they must be talked to softly for them to provide some information. 

What I liked about conducting research is that it gave me the chance of increasing my personal knowledge, developing skills, contributing to that of humanity, and developing my interests. Interviewing people of different age group gave me the chance of obtaining information concerning people’s opinions, personal feelings, and perception. Therefore, I liked the part of conducting interviews. 

As a student of this course, the next time I am conducting research, I will prepare in time to

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avoid last minute rushes. Furthermore, as a student of this course, I will do research often to acquire the required skills and knowledge in my class. The reason is that fieldwork exposes one to gain a lot of knowledge as compared to what one learns through lectures. 

The most useful part of the research that will be valuable to my future studies and work were the methods used in the data analysis and the outcomes of the research. Additionally, research is necessary in every field of study as it helps in developing new information. It also provides abilities in challenging existing information and bridging the information gap.

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