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In March 2011. a 9. 1 magnitude temblor hit the Pacific seashore of Japan. bring forthing up to 133ft tall tsunami moving ridges. which obliterated everything up to 6 myocardial infarction. inland. Harmonizing to the NPA ( National Police Agency ) of Japan. 24. 656 people were affected by this calamity. which include the asleep. injured. and losing. The tsunami besides affected three of the six atomic reactors of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant doing escape of radioactive stuff. Many workers and even civilians worked difficult to incorporate the harmful stuff for it to halt taint in other countries. but it already distribute. A The Associated Press intelligence author provinces. “The monolithic sum of radioactive H2O is among the most urgent issues impacting the killing procedure. which is expected to take decennaries. There have been other leaks of contaminated H2O at the works. and some of it is come ining the sea. ” Today. the radioactive stuff has spread out and covered about all of the Pacific Ocean. harming wild life and polluting our nutrient. Why do authoritiess and corporations make and let this engineering to be used if it can pollute our universe and us? There are better and more good beginnings for renewable energy other than atomic power.

Technology has advanced enormously in the past hundred old ages. We have created monolithic devastation arms. medical equipment. electronics. Internet. etc. I would see renewable energy beginnings to fall into this list. Some renewable energy beginnings would be solar power. air current power. hydroelectricity. and atomic power. There has been much argument between whether atomic power should be considered a renewable energy beginning or non. Some people argue it shouldn’t since “it produces harmful waste by-products and relies on extractive industries to secure fuel like uranium” ( Kanter ) . Unlike atomic power. other renewable energy beginnings. such as hydroelectricity. don’t radiate harmful stuff to our environment. Then there are others who argue it should be considered a renewable resource. New York Times journalist indicates. “pro-nuclear functionaries from states including France have been seeking to trade name the engineering as renewable. on the evidences that it produces small or no nursery gases” ( Kanter ) . I personally do non see atomic power a renewable resource.

The usage of both atomic and renewable energy has expanded mostly compared to what it was 50 old ages ago. Most states like USA. France. and Russia use atomic power to bring forth most of their electricity. States like Norway. Iceland. and Paraguay largely use renewable energy beginnings to bring forth their electricity and they notice the great impact this engineering does towards the decrease of CO2 in our ambiance. 90 % of Paraguay’s electricity is provided from the Itaipu dike. The dike removes 67. 5 million dozenss of CO2 a twelvemonth. Iceland’s electricity supply is 100 % renewable energy and its beginnings are both geothermic and hydropower. There is so much geothermal capacity that there is treatment about whether or non an interconnector can be built into the UK grid. Norway’s top three beginnings of electricity are hydroelectric. geothermal. and wind beginnings. Norway serves the export market by selling their renewable energy to other states since they merely use 24 % of 98 % bring forthing capacity. These are states that are doing a alteration in the environment. Solar power is being used really much today.

Most of the housed in LA. California have some kind of solar panel. Houses are acquiring their ain small renewable energy machine that saves the family money each month. since most don’t even pay electrical measures from inordinate energy. When I found out about this. I told my stepfather we should research on acquiring solar panels for our house. The cost for solar panels varies from 3. 000 – 5. 000 for 12 panels. The cost of the panels plus the installing would be excessively much for most people ; that’s why solar paneled houses are seldom seen. Trying to be eco-friendly isn’t inexpensive. Peoples are late recognizing that we have been acquiring our planet contaminated all these old ages and that we have to make something about it now. Circulars. ads. and people are stating us we need to halt littering and recycle to clean and care for our planet.

Those things do assist. but I think there are worse things our planet is being exposed to than merely rubbish. Nuclear power workss. that we created. are being used for energy all over the universe and we are non believing about the reverberations they might convey. We are chancing with our sensitive planet and our lives. What if something like Fukushima happens once more. and even worse. what if it happens like in Chernobyl? Do we as the human race want to take that opportunity? What could this make to our wellness? The writer of “Nuclear Power is Not the Answer” provinces. “no dosage of radiation is safe. and all radiation is cumulative. Each dosage received adds to the hazard of developing malignant neoplastic disease or mutating cistrons in the generative cells” ( Caldicott. 44 ) . Caldicott besides thinks. “80 % of malignant neoplastic diseases that we see are caused by environmental factors. whereas merely 20 % are inherited” ( Caldicott. 44 ) .

All authoritiess and all corporations around the universe demand to set a halt to harmful stuff being created and exposed. It needs to be stopped non merely for our works. but besides for our lives and wellness. We will destruct our planet if we keep making things like atomic power workss. Are we traveling to wait for an temblor. hurricane. or even terrorist onslaught to go on for us to recognize the negative consequence atomic power can do? Some states realize this and that is why they use 100 % renewable energy from non-toxic beginnings and machinery like hydroelectricity. air current power. and solar power. Those harmful chemicals don’t merely ache our planet. but they hurt our wellness every bit good. We need to recognize what we are making incorrect and put a halt to it. before it’s excessively late for everything. There are better and more good beginnings for renewable energy other than atomic power.

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