Research Methods Exam 1 – Case Study Designs

What is a case report?
“Detailed, in-depth description of a single
unit, subject, or event”
– case study
• May involve more than one subject…may
involve small group of subjects with common

What is a case report relevant to the pharmacy practice?
A case report describes and discusses an instance of disease in a patient

What is the essential characteristic of a publishable case report?
educational value

What are some case report characteristics?
• It is not true that a report must tell of a unique
– one of the best ways to get started in medical writing

5 topics that most case reports are about:
1) An unexpected association between diseases or
2) An unexpected event in the course of observing or
treating a patient.
3) Findings that shed new light on the possible
pathogenesis of a disease or an adverse effect.
4) Unique or rare features of a disease.
5) Unique therapeutic approaches

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