Research Method Design and Methodology

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This chapter presents the research design and methodology of the study by which the researcher’s activities were undertaken. Furthermore, includes here the Research Design, Respondents of the Study, Research Instrument, Data Gathering Procedure and Statistical Treatment of Data that are intended to gather the information needed. Methods of Research In doing this information gathering, the Normative Descriptive Research through the survey questionnaires is used by the researcher to gather information about the object matter that is under research.

Descriptive method is to describe the nature of situation as it exists at time of the study and to explore the particular phenomena involving a collection of data in order to test hypothesis or to answer question concerning the current status of the subject of the study. The descriptive method of research is designed to help the researcher describe the subject matter by using tools as graphs to organize data into patterns that emerge analysis.

Respondents of the Study The respondent of the study are the employees of RFM Corporation approximately 100) one hundred persons to see the effectiveness of having Employee Record Tracking System. The respondents of the study are the (75) seventy five personals of RFM Corporation the responses to the survey are used to validate the subject being study.. Locale of the Study In the study entitled Employee Record Tracking System of RFM Corporation Pioneer core Sheridan Manhandling City 2015-2016, the researcher conducts the survey on RFM Corporation Pioneer corner Sheridan Manhandling City Philippines.

Research Instrument The survey checklist as the main data-gathering instrument for this study. The questionnaire is divided into three main parts; First is the need of having of a system in order to effectively, accurate and fast ordering which consist of six (6) items. The second part is the benefits of having this system in the business which consist of six (6) items. And the last part is the significance of the system in terms of man power and features interface that consist of five (5) items.

Data Gathering Procedure In order to gather data needed for the study, the researcher prepared a letter to eek permission in conducting a survey to RFM Corporation Manhandling City, to ensure that there are no irregularities during the process and in order to protect the privacy of the company. The questionnaire is distributed to every employee of RFM Corporation. Retrieve the questionnaire from the authorized representative. Lastly, the researcher collected all data from the respondents, tabulated, and analyzed and interpreted. Statistical Treatment of Data To work out on the data collected and to determine the significance of the use of

Employee Record Tracking System, the researcher used the following: Liker/Rating Scale Liker/Rating Scale is used as point of reference in determining the assumed mean for the computation of standard deviation and rating options for description category. Liker Scale Category 5 Very Agree 4 Agree 3 Fair 2 Disagree Very Disagree Percentile Distribution Percentile was used to compute for the percentage of respondents answer on the survey conducted. Where: f = Frequency n = Total number of respondent Mean The researcher used mean to process and interpret the data gathered from the questionnaire.

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