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According to Stock (2013), it is never easy to make market green, consumers are supposed to see some benefits before they make the purchasing decision. However, company can construct the tactic to make consumers get profits and ensure itself never lose money. Just as the massive apparel retailer Hennas & Mauritius (HAM) did, they provide discounts to consumers for recycling their old clothes, and they promise that folks can get 15 percent off one item per bag of old clothes, but a limit of no more than 17 percent per day (Stock, 2013).

Following this strategy, HAM Is still profitable. Meanwhile, customers may feel honorable and virtuous when they purchase goods at HAM stores, which provide some potential competition and invisible business chance. Make Green Purchasing Easy People always look forward to doing the easier things, without doubt, green purchasing is no exception. As Hubbard says, customers don’t want to work hard and feel puzzle about green purchasing and they don’t want to be mini scientists (Location, 2010).

So it is necessary for our company to make the green purchasing recess simply and clearly. Shelton gave an example of Wall-Mart’s green marketing strategy that Wall-Mart only sells highly concentrated laundry detergent; they don’t separate the detergent In different categories which makes customers easier to make a green choice (Location, 2010). Thus, If a company supplies green marketing choices In the same type of goods, and make It easy to understand, the company will get the favor from consumers.

Green Goods Should Be Better than Competition There is no such thing as a green consumer (Location, 2010). According to the data, environmentally friendly products by altruism, the most need to see the value of goods compared with the others in certain ways such as health, safety, lower energy cost and so on. For example, in order to save money, some consumers would like to buy energy efficient appliances, while some of the women prefer natural cosmetics than the universal ones because they think natural is safer.

All these folks perceive the benefits of green goods before they make the shopping decision. So it is really significant to make green goods better, or as same at least, than the competition if many wants to attract more consumers (Location, 2010). Avoid Negative Messages According to Location (2010), purchasing is an emotional decision; people always want to buy the commodity that has a higher value to them.

When they make purchasing decisions, they may ask themselves, what’s in it for them. Thus, the product, which can bring the sense of virtuous, health, social responsibility, or lower energy cost to consumers, may attract people’s attention. As Shelton says, it is better to let customers see the product which could bring them deeper human benefits. For example, salesman market beer by promising that you are going to get laid (Location, 2010).

So when our company gets interaction with clients, company is supposed to provide more positive information to them. Conclusion Summing up, green marketing could be part of the benign recycling to save our planet. Additionally, based on a serial of successful strategies that used by some companies, it is obvious to see that innovative green marketing really help market operate and firms earn benefits. There is no doubt that our company is supposed to explore the green marketing strategies.

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